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hen it comes to feeding our pets, every dog owner wants to give the dog the best that one can afford. The question is, however, with on the market, what is the best dog food that money can buy? Comparing dog food prices is simple, but trying to figure out which pet food brand offers the best value for your money is much more difficult.
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Nowadays most cat food, cheap or high-priced, bears the label "complete and balanced" or "100 percent nutritious." These products meet standards set by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) for nutritional adequacy. Federal and state regulations require that pet food labels specify, among other things, ingredients listed in order of relative weight, a statement of nutritional adequacy for a given life stage, and a guaranteed analysis that indicates minimum percentages of protein and fat and maximum percentages of fiber and moisture. (Note: Comparing protein content of dry cat food to wet cat food is like comparing apples to oranges. The percentage stated in the wet cat food guaranteed analysis always will be lower than for dry cat food because of the high proportion of moisture in the canned product.) Puppy Pet Food Price Comparison | Buy Cheapest ..
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Last weekend we focused our price comparison shopping on pet supplies. Today we focused on dog food, which Americans spent $19.5 billion on in 2011. If shelf space is any indication, there are a lot more families buying dry dog food than wet/canned, semi-moist or raw, so we limited this comparison to dry, bagged dog food including BilJack, Eukanuba, Hills Science Diet, Iams, Nutro Natural Choice, Purina One and Purina Pro Plan. With a shopping list in hand I went to see who is cheaper on dog food PetSmart or PetCo. Now you know who is cheaper on dog food between PetSmart or PetCo, will it affect your shopping behavior? Are you surprised or is this what you expected? Check back for our next price comparison when we shop to see whether PetSmart or PetCo is cheaper for canned dog food.The goal was to compare the same food in the same size bags, but there were a couple of instances where the stores didn’t have the same size bags. So we picked the closest size bag available for the comparison. In the instances where the bag sizes are different, we looked at the price per pound to determine which was cheaper. As you can see, Petsmart is cheaper on dog food than PetCo. is a full‐service marketing agency. As part of their work with , they were tasked with building out a price comparison shopping website to help pet owners find the lowest price on Hill’s pet food.PawDiet offers price-comparison for both & . You can use our price comparison feature to located retailers and find the lowest price for any given Fromm or Blue Buffalo pet food.Canidae Pet Food Prices: The Canidae price comparison feature will display the lowest Canidae price for any given Canidae dog or cat food. Many online retailers change prices on a regular basis. Therefore, we encourage you to check this page regularly to find the best prices on Canidae pet food products.