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Dec 11, 2014 - Using pet friendly driveway salt and rinsing their paws after being ..
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* Treat with an environmentally-friendly de-icer that's safer for pets, too. Upsides? You can pre-treat to prevent ice from building up, and treat again as the ice forms to keep your steps, driveway or sidewalk from getting too slick. Downsides? It's confusing to figure out which de-icer to buy. Some de-icing products are bad for wood (like my wooden steps). Some can't be applied to new concrete. Most salt-based de-icers can stain carpet and flooring when tracked into the house. Some products say they're eco-friendly, but turn out to contain ingredients like rock salt, urea, or sodium or magnesium chloride – chemicals that can burn plants and irritate pets that walk on them. Plus, they can claim they're "natural" or "eco friendly" because the use of those words isn't regulated by the government.
Jan 6, 2017 - There are pet friendly products available. Be sure to check the label if you are purchasing salt for your driveway and sidewalks. 0 comments.
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Pet Friendly, 20 LB, Ice Melt, Safer For Pets Paws, For Use On Sidewalks, Steps & Driveways, Eco-Friendly & Safer On Vegetation & Concrete, Colorless, Odorless & Does Not Track When Used As Directed, Contains No Salt, Melts Down To -15 Degrees Fahrenheit, Bag. This type of ice melter contains no salt, is environmentally and pet friendly, and is non-corrosive to sidewalks and driveways. Toxic Plants and Holiday/Winter.
Photo provided by FlickrThis Non-Salt product is kid and pet friendly, landscape safe, and will not ruin your driveway like salt-based ice melt
Photo provided by FlickrLowes Rock Salt, Pet Friendly Ice Melter and Calcium Chloride pellets. Melts ice fast. Road Runner Pet-Friendly. Use on roof, sidewalks and driveway.
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Sugar experienced harsh Midwest Winters. Walking on salted sidewalks can be dangerous for pets. Calcium chloride or rock salt is commonly used as an ice melter on sidewalks, driveways and streets and has several harmful effects on pets. What’s the best way to clear snow and pet-friendly ice melt product? No one wants to hurt their children or their pets with a simple item that is supposed to make life easier. , contains no salt, and is both pet and child friendly. This product makes it possible for your pet and your child to go outside and safely play in the snow and can give you a peace of mind. It's safe to use on your deck, concrete, pavers, asphalt, and will not leave behind annoying or embarrassing stains. Salt, on the other hand, is harsh. It leaves marks on your driveway or walkway, and can hurt your pets.Providing safe, secure walkways is more than just a common courtesy for your family, friends, pets and neighbors, it's also the wise thing to do. Melting ice around your house can be done without damaging your driveway, walkways, steps, metal railings and even your yard, by using Diamond Crystal® Ice Melt Salt Products.Rock salt works the fastest, but it can damage concrete, driveways, and grass. Concrete absorbs water and the salt rock, causing the concrete to pit and crack. Ice melt is a mixture of rock salt and other chemicals that is less harsh on concrete and grass. “Pet friendly” ice melt protects your pet’s paws. Rocky’s Ace Hardware in South Hadley told 22News, next to sand, their most popular item is pet friendly ice melt.