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De-shedding is a breeze with FURminator pet grooming and cleaning products!
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When you can tell everywhere your pet's been just by the hair trail left behind, it's time for FURminator to step in. Their popular deShedding Tool won't scratch the skin, and you can even use it on the ears and tail. Instead of cutting the undercoat, it only removes the hair that's already loose. With 10-20 minute sessions just once or twice a week, you can reduce matting and bring out the coat's natural shine.
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Oh, and even though the sharp tiny parts of the razor blades in the Furminator pet brush are somewhat recessed behind solid blades of steel, it does come with a simple protective cover to keep the blades from getting caught on anything — like while being stored in a drawer or something. FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo | Petco
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The FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs reduces shedding by up to 90 percent by removing the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the topcoat. The FURminator brings out your pet's natural oils, promoting healthier skin and a shiny topcoat. We also have available a Our pets are our best friends, but sometimes their constant shedding can make our home lives a little difficult. The , , and teams recommend the FURminator, a revolutionary tool that removes your pet’s loose hair and successfully minimizes shedding for days after its use! If your best friend is a shedder, the FURminator is the best tool for them.Gently pull the tool through your dog's coat in the direction the hair grows, the deShedding edge gently removes the loose hair and undercoat. The FURminator is available for small, medium, and large dogs, and offers two different sized combs to address short-hair or long-hair pets.The FURminator is designed to burrow into a pet's undercoat to pull out loose hair. My local dog groomer uses it regularly on dogs with double coats, such as Huskies and Golden Retrievers.It's FURminator time! We'll show you WHY WE USE IT and HOW WE USE IT. Check out this furry video and find out some tips & tricks on how to FURminate your pets.
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This deshedding tool is amazingly useful for our Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever & Cocker Spaniel.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I had fun making it. :) Thanks to my hubby, my dogs Kenzo, Suki, Azi and Zoe... you guys blow me away with your craziness. :) Our dogs makes our lives as colorful as ever!

.However, the FURminator isn't meant for and doesn't work well on dogs with a poodle coat. And you must be careful to avoiding scraping your pet when grooming along bone lines.