Cardinal Gates Stairway Special Outdoor Gate in Brown @Petco

$10 Palette Wood Barn Door Baby Pet Gate ! For the top of the stairs for the dogs
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For child use or even pet use avoid buying a gate with horizontal bars. The gate is as much a ladder in that situation as it is a gate. It's always best to purchase a gate that has vertical bars or slates. This deters a pet or child from climbing over the gate and negating what it's suppose to be used for. Over time a pressure mounted gate will probably loosen. You should always check the gate's stability periodically to make sure it's secure and tight. Also at times some pressure-mounted gates can be installed as hardware mounted gates as well. This gives the customer more options to adjust the gate for certain situations. As well as possibly saving the customer money.
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: Richell Freestanding Pet Gate is easy to hold up, and many customers commented that the rubber feet and the side panels kept it very sturdy. It’s also easy on the eyes and convenient to store because its side panels collapse down. Owners who tried these eight best dog gates indoor and who have small dogs commented that this pet safety gate had wire slats that made it very sturdy, preventing the dogs from slipping through the slats (as one owner with a Chihuahua puppy said had been a problem) or budging it over. Time to keep dogs off my carpets! Diy baby/dog gate for stairs with cat walk through.
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Photo provided by FlickrPet-Friendly Remodeling - Mosby Building Arts makes dog gates that match the stair railing.
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You can’t prevent every tumble, but you can reduce the risk of dangerous falls and keep those you care for safe by installing a Gatekeepers or in your home or business. Whether you have small children, pets, aging adults or individuals with special needs, Gatekeepers provides peace of mind by offering strong, reliable safety gates customized to fit and match your decor. "Custom stair gates from salvaged wood & copper piping." Cats can still slip under gate but not the dog! Gate is hinged so folds against the wall when open. Could add vintage strap hinges &/or decorative handles/Etsy finds perhaps! #PetGate #catifying #cats #dogs #pets.Looking for homemade pet gate ideas that look store bought and that your doggies will love? Check out this indoor DIY plan for a folding free standing dog gate. It's decorative enough to leave out and neatly folds when not in use. FREE PLANS!Pros
• JPMA certification lets you confidently utilize this gate at the top and bottom of stairs
• Screen technology has been reinforced so that this baby gate also doubles as a re-tractable pet gate
• Effortless one-handed operation allows you to operate the gate even when you have your hands fullThis unit has been designed specifically to mount directly into any standard door frame, but it can also be utilized at the top and bottom of stairs. Mounting this baby gate is as easy can be (all you need is a handful of household tools to get the job done), and you can start using this gate almost right out of the box. One of the good retractable pet gates.The white, wooden and solid gate for stairs, to protect babies and home pets. It could be used with any stairs in apartment. You will be impressed how high quality this product is.