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But is there anything disturbing or downright crazy about buying Christmas gifts for pets? That’s the question asked in a . The answer, according to several mental health professionals, is this:
More than 50 percent of dog owners and 38 percent of cat owners buy their pets gifts for Christmas or Chanukah.​
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Some gifts are both fun and useful. They include t-shirts for both the owner and the pet (sometimes matching), pet themed ties, hats or scarves, dog or cat printed tote bags, pillows, sheets and comforters, luggage tags, doormats, desktop organizers, stationery, bookends, calendars and mugs. One company has cashed in on the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” trend and sells ugly Christmas sweaters for pets with the option of matching ugly sweaters for the owners. Recently specialty pet themed upholstery fabric has become available to cover chairs and sofas. Treat jars, bone shaped cookie cutters and a book of recipes for dog treats, tree ornaments or pet gift baskets are all thoughtful gifts. The Best Pet Christmas Gifts for Dogs and Cats - Vogue
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(Greenwich, CT) – According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey, more than 50 percent of dog owners and 38 percent of cat owners buy their pets gifts for Christmas or Chanukah. However, spending on the four-legged family members is not quite equal across all generations. On average, Generation Y spends nearly twice as much per gift ($23.50) compared to Builders ($11.50), Gen X ($12.89) and Baby Boomers, who spend the least on gifts for dogs. Regardless of budget, that’s a potential of 39 million dogs and 32 million cats making holiday lists this year. To help make preparation easier for all pet gift givers, APPA has found some great options for cats, dogs and their human companions this holiday season, and they are all under $25. Christmas is fast approaching! Whether you are all finished with your holiday shopping or will be one of the last minute shoppers wondering what to buy and fighting for a parking spot at the mall, we hope that you will not forget to include your furry, four legged friend in the gift giving process. Fortunately, there are many gifts that you can create for your pet from the comfort of your own home. So grab the other family members and some supplies and make get ready to make memories that will last for years as you manifest to your pet one of the greatest gifts of all, one from your heart.…because our pets really are like our children so we always make sure to never forget to get them a gift (or 10) during the holidays. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat lover, or just a loving pet parent we’ve rounded up some of the best and most unique gifts for your little furry friends this Christmas…and their owners too! It's true. The quickest way to a dog's heart is through its stomach, so why not give your pet some tasty treats. You can choose to make these dog Christmas gifts from or you can opt for the convenience of store bought bones and biscuits. More than half of dog owners and nearly 40 percent of cat owners buy their pets gifts for Christmas or Hanukkah, according to the , an industry trade group.Surprise the pet-lovers in your life with treats for their cat or dog. Our cat and dog treat recipes are easy to make, and with cute packaging ideas, they make adorable gifts for Christmas or pet birthdays.