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Design pet relief areas in airport terminals with safe, indoor-friendly artificial grass for dogs.
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Many homeowners in Southern California are making the switch to a form of artificial grass designed with dogs in mind. The reasons for doing so are numerous; artificial grass saves water, prevents digging, and can’t be ruined by brown spots or faded areas. We get a lot of questions about how dogs adapt to the new surface. Here are some of the most common questions, as well as some tips for helping your pet transition to pet grass.
Keep your pooch going on the green with Petco’s fake and artificial grass potty pads for dogs.
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XGrass Pet Solutions System is specifically designed synthetic turf made for pets. With TruFlo backing and installation, a unique infill system and proven odor treatment, it is quickly becoming the leading artificial grass for dogs on the market. pet grass for dogs
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The word is getting out, and excitement and euphoria are spreading as pet care facility owners realize there is a “green” solution to many of their grass-related and surfacing problems. Along with the exuberance is typically a flurry of questions: What exactly is artificial/synthetic grass? Does it grow? Do dogs like it? Don’t they tear it up? How do you keep it clean? What happens to the dog waste? How is it installed? Is it for indoor use or outdoor use? Is it expensive? What is the benefit to me? Since there are often many questions, let’s start at the beginning with the basics.Artificial turf for dogs
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And on… and on… and on…The comfort, warmth, and peace of mind dog owners have when they are deciding where to leave their pets are critical components to attracting and retaining clients. This value proposition is a combination of the staff, accommodations, and desire of the dog to leave their side when going to spend time with someone else. Artificial grass, installed inside or out, will enhance the surroundings, so the owner knows you have gone to great lengths to provide the most natural and comfortable spaces possible. Dogs and dog owners love the look and feel of cozy green grass. The mindset changes from “this is where my pet has to stay until I return” to “this is a country club-like atmosphere that my pet gets to enjoy until I return.” The sense of cleanliness and comfort are unmistakable.Many choose to install our artificial pet turf in dog run areas like side yards. These are often the dead, brown and yellow grass spots from when your dog runs up and down to greet people as they pass your home. It is almost impossible to revive these areas back to a lush green lawn unless you have artificial grass for dogs. Our turf, however, is woven together with a tough yet porous backing to allow liquids to flow through, making it durable enough to withstand the heavy traffic of your excited pet. They also cannot track mud or dried grass into your home when you have synthetic turf installed. The only exception is if your dogs have access to other plants and gardening areas.