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Guppies in 5 gallon 09.04.14Feeder Guppies from pet smart  madcypress aquariums
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Baby guppies can be fed newly hatched brine shrimp, newly hatched daphnia, or they can be feddry food. Several fish food companies make dried fry food for livebearing fish and you can findthese online or at your pet store. I've successfully raised many baby guppies to adulthood usingbaby dried fish food, however, you are likely to get better growth of your guppy fry if you feedthem live food as well as the dried food. Don't try to feed them adult flakes because these willbe too large for their tiny mouths. Also see the article .
Poecilia reticulata is the common fancy guppy that you’ll find in most pet stores.
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Buying Guppies and other fishes from a local fish pet shop is the most common way people obtain their aquarium fishes. Most fish pet shop has a large variety of Livebearer fishes in stock since they are one of the most popular types of fish, you should be able to find the common breeds easily. This is my 112th sale of guppies to a pet store; and I hope my tips help you. My strain of guppy is the Micariff.
Photo provided by FlickrI have a few feeder guppies in a fish bowl as pets and i was wondering how these beautiful fish are considered
Photo provided by Flickr4) How long untill the guppies are full grown? The guy at the petstore said he doesn't buy them untill they are as big as the ones you buy.
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The cute, colorful, low-maintenance guppy seems like a great pet, until it makes a fatal jump out of the fish tank and onto the floor with no one to rescue it. Now, research suggests that the suicidal jump that many guppies make may actually be a tragically misplaced survival instinct.Before buying Guppies or any other Livebearer fish there are various factors that you should consider. Such as where to buy the fish? Is it safe to buy online? And what are some of the things to watch out for when buying the fish to make sure that you’re buying a healthy fish. Guppies and other Livebearer fish can be bought from breeders, pets stores, or online.Guppy fish are extremely easy to feed. Basic “tropical flakes” can be found at any pet store. BUT SOME brands of fish food are full of “fillers” and not very nutritional for fish. I highly advise buying one of the best brands of food. It will only be a couple dollars more in cost. I highly recommend .A friend of mine decided to get a group of children in her care a fish tank and guppies as a “class pet.” The guppies were soon joined by baby guppies. The babies disappeared, one by one. Turns out, guppies are known for this shit.Fish Pet Stores: Guppies and Livebearer fishes can be bought from fish pet stores, where they are typically sold at very reasonable prices. They usually get their stock from tank-bred fish that are breed by aquarium hobbyists.Before buying Guppies or any Livebearer fishes, you should examine it closely. Select fish that are lively and active – they shouldn’t be floating at the surface or hanging around at the bottom of the tank (unless of course it’s a fish that likes to swim in the bottom of the tank like a Cory Catfish). If possible, visit the store while the fish are being fed to see which fish have a healthy appetite.Local Classified Ads: Guppy and Livebearer fish breeders will sometimes put ads in local classified Internet listings like Kijiji, Craigslist or pet classified ads. So if you’re looking for something specific, it might not be a bad idea to check them out. Plus they’re usually very affordable. You can often also score some nice used aquarium equipment for cheap as well if you are just starting out.Cannibalism of the young is just disturbing to pet owners, but it’s a real economic problem for guppy breeders. Some have success with a little screened-in area that the grown-ups can’t get to—provided they on near that area so the babies will gravitate towards their safe spot. The technique has, however, limited success. There doesn’t seem to be a way to keep guppies from their snacks other than separated the babies out quickly.