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Save time, electricity and effort by using the Rubber Brush for small, spot-cleaning jobs. It’s great for picking up pet hair, dust, dried-on dirt and other debris from carpet, clothes, furniture, car upholstery and more.
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Our best advice for keeping your home clean is to vacuum often and brush your pet’s hair outside on a regular basis. By removing the loose hair from your pet before he comes inside, it will be less likely to collect in your rugs, draperies and furniture. outlet New Left Hand Pet Hair Remover Grooming Glove Brush + 2 Toys - For De Shedding - Patting - Brushing - Furniture Hair Remover Tool
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The best time to brush your pet is right before you vacuum your floor and replace your washed furniture covers. This is when they will shed the least amount of hair.Pet hair really clings to clothes but here are a few suggestions to help keep your garments clean and hair free. Try , a large roll of masking tape that rotates on a handle. As you run the roller over your clothes, it picks up the hair and it sticks to the tape. Each layer of tape can be pulled off to give you a fresh surface underneath. Use these on furniture as well. Lint brushes and pet hair pick-ups do similar jobs. These are brushes with specialized cloth that will capture hair in the nap of the fabric and release it when brushed in the opposite direction for easy cleaning. Fabric sprays applied to clothing for static cling also repel pet hair. A fabric softener dryer sheet can also be rubbed over the surface of clothing as a pet hair pick up. Keep clothing covered in plastic dry cleaner bags in the closet to prevent hair from accumulating.No one wants to sit on furniture covered with cat hair. The first step in decreasing the amount left is to discourage your pet from getting on the furniture. If you have a kitten or cat that is new to your household, this is a good time to set these rules. Give your pets comfortable beds or pet furniture and a specific place to lie. If your pet has already adopted a couch or chair as his favorite spot, try treating it with a fabric protector. This often helps make it easier to vacuum hair from the surface and keep it from working its way into the fabric. Vacuuming upholstered furniture is the gold standard for most hair removal. Use special brush attachments for wood furniture. A magnetized dust wand helps pick up and hold hair. Running an air filter also helps remove pet hair and other contaminates. If all else fails, try using slipcovers or other decorative fabric to protect your furniture. The advantage here is that the covers can be removed and washed on a regular basis to keep them clean. Do not wash these items with your regular wash – your clothes will pick up the pet hair. Dry with two dryer sheets to help move the hair to the lint trap.The Norwex removes hair, lint, crumbs and dust from textiles, pets, furniture and carpeted stairs. It is great for removing debris from dry mop pads and dusting mitts by sweeping the brush in a downward motion.The has a high performance motor with cyclonic action to provide really strong suction. It has a cool pivoting head feature which makes it really easy to clean different surfaces easily. It has a handy pivot tool and brush set which is really great for grabbing pet hair from furniture and other upholstery. It is cordless and bagless. With its lithium battery, you will have enough of a charge to actually clean without worrying about losing suction before you are done cleaning. Of all the handheld Black + Decker small vacuums, I think this one offers the strongest suction in the smallest package. I have a question for anyone who deals with pet hair stuck to the furniture/carpets. How do you pick it up? I have tried the sticky rollers with no luck, I have tried a brush on the carpet and no matter how much I pick up, there are still a lot of hair.