Remove Lint and Pet Hair from Clothes with Pantyhose!

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Pets are wonderful to have but removing pet hair from the couch, curtains, carpets, bed and even your clothes can be a nightmare. Shedding season is the worst as you tend to find hair everywhere, and removing it is downright painful. Thankfully, there are many available in the market. These literally act as pet hair magnet to easily remove pet hair from your carpet, couch and other furniture items. Given below are some easy dog and cat hair removal techniques to help you get a cleaner home.
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The Be Forever Furless brush removes every trace of pet hair and lint in a few quick sweeps. Works on clothes, furniture, car upholstery, carpets, you name it. Rinses clean, lasts for years. 5X Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover Rolls 20 Sheets Roll Clothing Furniture Sticky | eBay
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Photo provided by Flickr5X Lint Roller Pet Hair Remover Rolls 20 Sheets Roll Clothing Furniture Sticky | eBay
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There are lots of ways to remove hair shed by your pets, including both cats and dogs, from clothing.

Just washing cotton and polyester fabric will generally remove most pet hair.

However, if you wash certain fabrics, such as flannel and other fabric that has lots of static cling you will notice that the hair will just embed further if you wash and dry it. This is why it is often difficult to get pet hair off blankets, for example.

You can pick hair off with your fingers, of course, but this can take quite a bit of time and unless you are very patient you may not get it all. Certainly, you can't pick it off as fast as it gets on there, typically.

Therefore, one of the best ways to remove it is to use a pet hair lint roller (such as the , or a dry sponge, to help pick up the pet hair before you wash it. You can read , to find one that will work well for you.

You should also shake out all clothing out before you wash it, and also once it comes out of the wash and before you put it in the dryer.

Further, if you reduce static cling this will also help remove pet hair from your clothing, because it will loosen it from the clothing and let the washing machine and dryer remove it from the clothing. Therefore, use both and .

Finally, wipe out your washing machine and clean out the lint trap of your dryer after you wash clothing full of pet hair, to remove any from the machines and keep it from getting on subsequent loads of laundry.

Well, those are some of my tips for how to remove pet hair from clothing in the wash. Does anyone else have any other tips that work well for you? If so, please share your ideas in the comments.

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