What fun! Oh man oh man, I NEEEED a pet hippo!

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The summoning pair of Kung Fu Pets must include , and element. The below combinations are recommended to get Aloha Hippo (Kung Fu Pets can be used in either order):
a hippo is a very strange pet, but Giada would be fighting day and night for that to happen!
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While the hippos are enjoyed by visitors and considered village pets by many locals, their large foreign presence isn’t without its problems. Known for their aggression, they can damage the environment and hurt local wildlife. Authorities have made attempts to cull the population with little success, so they have been aiming to contain them to certain areas. Also in death Pablo still cares for his hippos, with the local environmental agency provided with a $120,000 annual budget from his seized cash. Time will tell if this hippo cartel will run longer than the Medellin Cartel. A pet hippo? Yes, Tonie and Shirley Joubert have a pet hippo.
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Photo provided by FlickrMarius Els, a South African farmer adored his pet hippo Humphrey. Then one day it killed him.
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Culminating the visit, zoogoers are allowed to pet the hippos. Mara, who weighs about 3,700 pounds and possesses a mouth that could probably swallow a child whole, loves to be pet. Who keeps a hippo as a pet?
If Els' story is any guide, you have to have an extraordinary love of wild animals. Els, an army major and , also kept a giraffe and a rhino on his 400-acre property along the Vaal River. Els bought the hippo when it was 5 months old, after it grew too big for people who rescued Humphrey from a flood. Els said Humphrey, now 6 years old, became "like a son" to him. Els used to ride on Humphrey's back, feed him by hand, and even brush his teeth. (Watch a video below of Els showing off his pet hippo.)A 41-year-old South African man, Marius Els, was in a river running through his farm over the weekend. He had been mauled and left submerged by his 2,645-pound pet hippopotamus, Humphrey. Here, a guide to this strange, horrifying tragedy:Ever since I can remember I've been obsessed with hippos. Growing up they were my favorite animal. I used to dream about one day getting a pet hippo and letting it live in my bath tub. I finally got to live my childhood dream and pet a hippo at the LA Zoo's Hippo Encounter. The hippos were so cute!

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