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Need designer collars, leashes or harnesses to go with your new pet ID tags?
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No matter what kind of style your pup prefers – bedazzled bones, fancy collars, or team spirit tags – you’ll find we have the perfect dog ID tags to complement their style. Explore the Petco selection of dog tags for pets to find the one that’s right for you!
Purchase any Pet Touch ID tag, collar and have it shipped FREE of charge.
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A leader in the industry since 2003, the Hot Dog Collars catalog contains a HUGE selection of engraved ID tags, personalized custom dog collars, embroidered dog collars, NFL Pet jerseys and other licensed gear, plus so much more! We currently have over 25,000 unique sizes and styles available A Lounge Collar means that your pet can wear ID at all times without sacrificing their comfort.
Photo provided by FlickrNeed designer collars, leashes or harnesses to go with your new pet ID tags?
Photo provided by FlickrWith an AKC Reunite collar tag, when a Good Samaritan finds your pet, they can easily call our toll free 800# that is located on the pet ID.
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Custom embroidered dog collars provide, a safe, comfortable, colorful, means of pet identification. All Dog ID Collar pet identification products are custom made, start-to-finish, in Lee’s Summit, USA.I URGE YOU TO CONSIDER USING A COLLARTAG TO PROTECTYOUR PET FROM LOSS, THEY ARE THE SUPERIOR PET ID METHODWhen it comes to pet identification "function" is the most importantconsideration, and no id tag functions better than a CollarTag™ .We make the best / most durable hanging tags on the planet. Still, in time, all traditional/hanging tags will fail. In time the ring or hook used to attach them to the pet's collarwill wear out and the tag will fall off; or the friction of the tag rubbing against other tags on the pet's collar will wear away the tag text. Even if you use a traditional hanging tag to ID your pet I urge you to ALSO consider getting a CollarTag to back up the the hanging tag. Only with a CollarTagcan you be certain there will be a secure and readable identification tag on your pet should it ever become separated from you. Bottom line: Having a CollarTag on your pet's collar assures you the finder of your lost pet will be able to contact you.The ID that looks like a Driver's License for all 50 States. Your loved cat, dog, or any pet will get an authentic State Dog ID collar tag, along with (3) Personalized Key-Chain IDs for $19.95. Additional pets only $9.95 at checkout! Get the most unique Personalized Pet ID Tag available. It’s also important to remember that just because your is , it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t also need an ID tag. “Vets and shelters can scan for chips, but collar tags are still the fastest way for someone to reach you in the event that they find your lost pet,” says Dr. Jules Benson, a
Visual pet identification, such as a personalized metal collar tag, can help reunite your lost pet when a microchip scanner is unavailable. If a Good Samaritan finds your lost pet, they can assist in your pet's recovery by calling the PETtrac™ Pet Recovery Hotline on the pet's collar ID tag.