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It was fortunate timing. Shortly after getting the insurance, her then 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever, Charlie, slipped under a tractor on her farm and suffered a crushed back and tail. Soon, the dog could no longer move her back legs and had blood in her urine. Rushed to Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Charlie underwent one operation to stabilize the spine and one to remove a badly damaged kidney. Her pet insurer, Nationwide, paid most of the $14,000 bill.
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This chart on pet insurance is incredible. It covers all the complex details associated with pet health care costs for a variety of plans. It was instrumental in my ability to locate just the plan I can afford with the coverage I feel is adequate to cover my fur babies. Vet bills are so expensive. My friend Jade’s Doberman Pincher swallowed one of her toys she had chewed on. It was terrifying for Jade. Dobie had to be transferred to a University that has a Veterinarian Hospital halfway across the state. In the end to save her poor baby Jade had to get a loan to pay the expenses. That is why I decided to get pet insurance. For my piece of mind I chose a plan with Pet Plan. I was able to get a plan that will assure my fur babies are covered but I will not go into debt. Pet Insurance Guide - Lesson 5 - Pet Insurance University
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We encourage you to explore your options and decide if pet insurance is right for you and your companion. A great resource is Pet Insurance University, which can be found online . Jessica Parsons, an intensive-care nurse in Indianapolis, had given little thought to pet insurance. But when her employer, Indiana University Health, offered it as part of the company’s regular benefits package several years ago, she signed up, the $40 monthly premium coming out of her paycheck automatically.Pet Insurance University
Veterinarian Frances Wilkerson writes a guide to pet insurance with detailed fact sheets on every North American pet insurance company.
your pet got sick or hurt today? Would you have enough in savings to cover the veterinary costs? VPI Pet Insurance can help you pay for your pet’s veterinary expenses. VPI Pet Insurance is offering Georgia State University students, staff, and retirees a 5% group discount on coverage per pet up to a discount of 15% for three eligible pets.“By and large, most pet insurance is primarily there for injury and disease,” not for wellness, said Dr. Christopher Gray, the director of Michigan State University’s Veterinary Medical Center in East Lansing. He does not insure his two dogs and two cats. His recommendation: Look at deductibles, co-payments and whether a policy covers a pet throughout its lifetime or ends when it hits a certain age.