Leopard geckos are one of the most popular pet lizards.

Leopard geckos make wonderful pet lizards
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This list does not promise to be a comprehensive guide to pet care. You can treat this just an introduction to creatures one commonly keeps as pets, including some information about their availability. Before you choose any lizard type as pets, you have to do a complete research on their care requirements. You have to give a lot of consideration before, not after you purchase your pets.
Conclusion – The Most Colorful Pet Lizards
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The Ackie can claim to be the best pet among monitor lizards. These lizards are small by monitor standards. They certainly have advantages over other monitor lizards. On an average, they grow up to 3 or 4 feet. They either have yellow or red coloration. There is actually no difference between the reds and the yellows except the price. In spite of all this, the Ackie is still rarely available in pet shops. The indications are that they are quickly becoming popular. The Ackie has very good temperament as well as easy care requirements. What’s your favorite colorful pet lizard? Let us know in the comments!
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Photo provided by FlickrGiven below is a list of small lizards that could prove lovely pets and long-time friends
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So it's no surprise that lizards have found their way into the pet industry as well. Many different types of lizards are kept as pets these days, but some lizards make better pets than others. That's the subject of this article. So which ones are which? Which lizards make good pets for beginners, and which lizards are more challenging to keep? Well, I'm sure everyone has their own opinions on the subject. But here's my list -- and it's a list based on 25 years of reptile experience.Below, I have listed three types of pet lizards that I recommend for inexperienced keepers who are new to lizards. Some types of pet lizards are fairly easy to care for in captivity, while others have more specialized needs and are therefore best left to experienced reptile keepers.This is probably one of the most popular types of pet lizards for reptile keepers of all experience levels, from the beginners to the pros. And there's a good reason for that. If their basic needs are met, bearded dragons do well in captivity and can live a long, healthy life.As we have discussed, there are a lot of lizard species in the world, and many of them have found their way into the pet trade. But not all types of lizards make good pets, and some can be especially challenging for beginners. So I've listed three types of pet lizards that are both entertaining and manageable for the amateur lizard keeper. Bearded dragons are also smallish by lizard standards, which is another trait that makes them an excellent type of pet lizard for beginners. They can be comfortably housed in the type of glass or plastic terrarium that would easily fit inside the average bedroom."Beardies," as they are known, also have nice dispositions that make them well suited to being kept as pets. This type of lizard is native to many part of Australia, and its native environment can be closely duplicated with certain types of full-spectrum lighting (for the lizard's UVA / UVB needs) and basking lights (for proper temperature).The uromastyx is also referred to as the spiny-tailed lizards and "uros" for short. In my opinion, they are another type of lizard that can be excellent pets. So if you're considering a type of pet lizard to keep, I strongly recommend researching these interesting lizards.