sweet cat perch - scrap board, carpet & shelf brackets

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I purchased this perch for my cat who loves to look out the window and prefers the long, curved perches vs. the circular perches that are all I can find locally in pet stores. I was expecting a very high quality perch based on other reviews I read; however, the perch I received was of extremely poor quality. As soon as I pulled it out of the box, I saw that the top perch was not very secure. I could easily move the top part back and forth several inches. The carpet was also not as plush as other brands and I could clearly see the STAPLE that was securing the top perch. The lower perch and base seemed sturdy so I am surprised that the top perch was so poorly attached. My cat is about 12 pounds and I think the top perch would of broken off in about a week of use. Very disappointing. I will be returning immediately.
Add carpet to a shelf for a great perch. Plus, don't you love this cat's striking green eyes?
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Once your window perch is securely inserted, finish the job by applying to the nail holes, then use to seal the joints. Lastly, place your protective covering on the perch. If you choose carpeting as your covering, fold the material around the board and adhere it to the bottom with a staple gun. If you're using a non-slip pad, apply tack adhesive to the bottom of the pad to ensure it remains intact. Already solved Pet perch? Go back and see the other crossword clues for
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Photo provided by FlickrQuality carpeted cat perches for windows. Five popular colors and three cat perch sizes up to 36 inches wide.
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I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the pair of BEAUTIFUL hand-made Polly's Pastel Pedicure Perches I just received! They are perfect in every way, just as my old 17 year old perch is! It was so kind of you to go out of your way and make these for me and I appreciate it very much. We discussed the downfall of small business in the U.S. under the crushing weight of the over-whelming competition of cheap goods coming in from China. These are so very much better, I am so relieved for the health of my bird's feet! Thank you again for your prompt and courteous response both in contacting me and sending me the finshed products, and most of all, thank you for caring. I wish Polly's Pet Products well in the future and hope you will continue to be a staple of the avian supply industry for a long time. Located in the heart of beautiful Colorado Springs, The Perch is a one-of-a-kind pet store where you can enjoy a cup of locally-roasted coffee and shop for pet bird food and supplies in the company of beautiful (and adoptable!) parrots. All sales at The Perch benefit Metro Denver Parrot Rescue!This is a book of bedtime stories written and told to his daughter by Professor of Public Health Anthony Kessel, about Perch, a London cat. Her escape from a pet shop into the arms of a loving owner and three new cat friends is the start of many adventures, including battles with dragons and an encounter with a ghost cat. Perch evades customs in order to holiday in Morocco before her accidental incarceration in Alcatraz, a high security prison for animals. Thankfully for Perch this is not the end.One of the best parts about owning a pet is finding ways to make your four-legged friends happy and comfortable in your home. For smaller animals and indoor pets, the outside world can seem a big and scary, but intriguing, place. If you’re looking for ways to help your pets investigate the world around them safely and securely, why not build them their very own window perch? This kind of DIY project is actually very straightforward and suitable for all skill levels, with a variety of ways to achieve the same result. Check out these different kinds of window perches and give your furry friends increased mobility and visibility from the comfort of your home.