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Christmas card ideas with pets are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s the fact that pets are a big part of the family or it’s sheerly their abundance of cuteness spearheading this rising trend, it’s hard to tell. All we know is that we like it and all the creativity and adorableness it brings to our favorite season. If you’re thinking of adding your cat or dog to your Christmas cards this year, make sure you do it right. Use these Christmas card ideas with pets to capture the perfect photo and find the perfect wording. We’ll help you make your pet in a paws-itively amazing.
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If you follow us on , , or any other network, you know we love our four rescue dogs and all pets! To make your 2016 greetings easy, we collected these favorite pet Christmas card ideas on one of our Pinterest boards for easy reference. Some of our favorite ideas for photo poses include the extra-large bow on your pup’s head (under or in front of the Christmas tree if they pose nicely) or other adorable hats & even reindeer antlers! If your pets are wary or scared of having things on their heads like some of our rescue pups are because of their past history, the matching pajamas or scarves (very carefully supervised and not knotted around the neck for safety) might still work with lots of pets and treats and praise. Our Christmas Card tradition continues. Christmas Card Photo and moving announcement. Charlotte NC, Pet photo ideas,
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We also included some of our favorite pet ornament ideas, including homemade dog paw print ornaments and the tennis ball ornament which our Aussie mix pup, Zelda, would probably fell the tree to fetch if she saw it! Also remember that we are continuing our for all pet photo Christmas card designs which we started last year in honor of our rescue girl Samus, who is doing great and loves her new foster – turned – adopted brother puppy dogs that she has to play with now too as well as her “sister” Zelda!As if it wasn’t hard enough to get everyone together for your holiday photo, including your pets can be even more of a challenge. Whether they’re full of energy, need to stay on a leash or heaven forbid they see a squirrel, there are many obstacles to overcome in order to capture a picture perfect moment with your furry friends. Although you may be weary about wrangling your dog into the Christmas portrait this year, once you get the shot, you’ll realize all the slobbery licks to the face were worth your while. As you gear up for the holidays, use these Christmas card ideas with dogs and our sleigh full of tips and tricks to get the paws-itively perfect , including every family member!Including your four-legged friends into holiday photos can be a challenge, but with a little creative flair, you can make it a cinch. While they may not be cooperative enough for a , if surrounded by or left to relish in their natural habitat, you can accomplish these Christmas card ideas for your photogenic pet. We promise. So whether you’re planning on or customizing a , check out these creative holiday pictures that incorporate the best members of the family — the ones that eat our shoes.Your Christmas card may be the only piece of mailed correspondence you send all year. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch your family and friends up on the past year and to create something beautiful to be displayed on their mantles all season. Once you’ve taken the perfect photo for your card and picked a design that showcases it, how do you decide what note to include inside?
Here are some ideas for the inside and back of your card:
- Write a Christmas letter. See tips for writing a Christmas letter below.
- Do a year in review. Share family highlights, do a month-by-month recap, or write a newsletter-style update.
- Write a Christmas song or poem, or create an acrostic poem with a festive word.
- Make a top 10 list or a list of things that your family is grateful for from the past year.
- Create a photo collage to showcase more snapshots of your family, and don’t forget the pets.
- Add captioned photos illustrating some of your favorite moments.
- Highlight each of your children’s stories for the year. Name some of their biggest milestones and accomplishments.
- Get the family involved. Let your kids write their own greetings or tell a story of their favorite part of the year.