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We create custom pillows from your pet's photo. Please visit  for more info
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Anyway, my daughter loves him and she's heading off to camp this week and wanted a memento of her little furry friend to keep her company at night. So I created her own 'Pillow Pet' using a photo that I took last year (and a stock photo for the other sandy coloured bunny)

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Personalized throw pillow cover, Design your own personalized pet pillow from your Photo or pet pillow cover. Custom Throw pillow Custom pet pillow from your photo!
THIS IS THE DESIGN YOUR OWN PILLOW!! *Please note the pillows in these photos are just samples of other custom pet pillows they are not for sale*
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Whether it is a cat, dog, turtle, bird, fish, or iguana – pets can become a very important part of your family.
Next to kids, pets are the most popular thing people take pictures of and keep around in their house.
So whether it's a photo blanket of Spike the bulldog, a photo pillow of Goldie the fish, a photo tote bag of Speedy the box turtle or a photo wall hanging of Nick the tabby cat we've got you covered. Choose your favorite pet picture and have fun with it. Don't forget to add text and fun borders also. Custom pillows make a great personal gift. We'll weave you favorite digital photo of yourself, loved one, pet or moment into a custom woven pillow that will be cherished and loved for years.Send in a photo of your pet and have it transformed into a custom silkscreen pillow. Each photograph will be turned into a black and white image with a slight halftone dot necessary for the silkscreening process.DoggIY: Custom DIY Pet Pillows ~ Kim from Yellow Brick Home created a tutorial for those of us wanting photo pillows of our own pets. I know I'd definitely prefer a snuggly Wrigley or Smash pillow to a random dog (nCreate a customized pillow of your pet using photos from your computer or phone. These one-of-a-kind pillows are made on a linen fabric and have a great rustic look; the feather/down insert is included. Pillows are screen printed from your original photograph and are available on natural or grey fabric.

A Pet Pillow is unique and will become a conversation piece in any home. An original Pet Pillow also makes a wonderful gift that can be customized with any pet—cat, dog, horse, etc!

Your custom Pet Pillow is super easy to create. Simply upload your 3 MB, or larger image on our site. After you place your order, the image will be screen printed, and then you will receive an email proof for approval.

Watch the video and head to their shopping page where they offer tips on how to get the best looking image.Inspired by photos she receives from clients, Shannon “clones” pets by creating uncommon pillows. This is her part of work that is “custom”. In other words, if you find the cushions below tempting, you can get in contact with the designer at and create one for yourself. Although I enjoyed looking through Shannon’s entire work portfolio, for this article I chose those postures and attitudes that really make an impression. Enjoy!