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Large Pet Potty Patch - Dog Training Bathroom Pad Indoor/Outdoor 25x20
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The Fresh Patch is a great idea with room for improvement. If your priority is to be as environmentally friendly as possible then you may well favor this product over the other best indoor pet patio potty for dogs. Your dog might prefer it too. It’s a costly toileting regime though. Long-term use of the Fresh Patch will cost you more than the premium reusable potties on the market.
X-Large Pet Potty Patch Dog Training Bathroom Pad Indoor/Outdoor 30x20
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Imagine if your dog had their own indoor toilet – a place where they could go when they needed to without worrying that you would yell at them. You would just call it by a fancy name like Dog Potty Patch Indoor Grass. This is just what the Pet potty patch is. It is a small piece of artificial grass that they know is theirs and can use when they need to. RB1632PT 16" x 32" Pet Porta Potty Patch good
Photo provided by Flickroutlet RB1632PT 16" x 32" Pet Porta Potty Patch
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With Potty Patch, your pet can go when it needs to. If your home or apartment is one big doggie bathroom, and you’re tired of replacing carpets and furniture, Potty Patch is the solution. Now dogs have a safe place to relieve themselves. Potty Patch is specially scented and has the look and feel of real grass and attracts dogs when it’s time to go. Liquid drains into the base, keeping it odor-free. At the end of the day, just pour our the liquid. It’s that easy. The Potty Patch is perfect for training puppies, apartment living, and dogs that have to be left alone during the day. Order now and you get a free upgrade to a super plush anti-microbial grass with double the blades. The Potty Patch is a three-tiered indoor doggie restroom that mimics the look and feel of real grass, thereby attracting dogs that are trained to go outside. The concept behind the Potty Patch is that a dog will be more likely to use the Potty Patch than eliminate on carpeting or bare floors. The Potty Patch is a new product presented by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to help owners in search of an indoor solution to their pet's house training needs. Learn more about this innovative product from a veterinarian's point of view. Dr. H.: I feel the Potty Patch is a great addition to house training new puppies, and it can be a potential lifesaver for older or debilitated dogs who just can't get outside anymore. It does not replace positive reinforcement and good house training techniques (In other words, it won't train your dog for you!), but it certainly helps a great deal in situations when going outside is difficult for the owner or the pet. As you can see, Potty Patch reviews are just as varied as most other As-Seen-on-TV products. However, one opinion that they all seem to have in common is that it is effective as a tool for puppies. Therefore, it would appear that if you have an older dog, you may want to avoid spending $40.00 to $80.00 for a product that older dogs seem to have a tough time getting used to. If your pet is a pup, teaching him how to use it early on may provide you with some peace of mind whenever you're away from home for more than a few hours. As dog owners ourselves, we recognized the need for a better dog potty patch solution. We are working professionals and hated thinking of our little friends being trapped inside all day. We knew all about ineffective and yucky wee wee pads, and at times cumbersome grass solutions and decided we could do better! Because we love our pets, we developed a simple and natural way for your pet to do his or her business without trouble. Bark Potty is your dog park in a box and we know we’ve created a dog potty patch product that you and your pet will love.