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When choosing a bedding type, be sure to consider how often your rabbit will be indoors vs. outdoors, as well as which area he or she tends to prefer most. Rabbits will make their own beds and simply need to be given the appropriate safe, clean, and comfortable bedding. You can use hardwood stove pellets that have no chemicals, which can be found in home hardware stores or at the grocer. You can use paper pellets as well as Yesterday’s News as a source of bedding — which can be composted and is dust-free, as well as quite absorbent. If your rabbit tends to eat paper, however, be sure not to use this type of bedding for them. You’ll need to initially monitor your rabbit’s behavior when selecting a new type of bedding, as your pet may try to eat it at first, which can cause blockages and be dangerous.
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There are many options for bedding to use for your pet rabbit. Dr. Wendy Zimmerman discusses the choices available to keep your rabbit clean and comfortable. Small Pet Bedding for Ferrets, Rabbits & others | PetSmart
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So what triggers your bunny allergies? Most often it is the timothy hay that rabbits eat that is the main culprit. The dust in most varieties of bedding can be a source too. Allergies to an animal itself are usually caused by the saliva more than the pet dander. More people are allergic to cats and self-grooming animals because they bathe themselves so frequently, placing those saliva proteins on their hair, which later gets airborne or sits on your furniture.Your pet rabbit is an extension of your family. As such, you naturally want to make your bunny feel as at home as possible. Pamper your cuddle buddy while ensuring his habitat is safe and healthy with do-it-yourself bedding solutions that are easy on the wallet and pet friendly.Buy a cage with a solid bottom, and put down plenty of or . Don’t use cedar shavings or clay cat litters. Aromatic oils in cedar bedding have been shown to have adverse health effects on small pets. Also, unlike dogs and cats, rabbits do not have pads on their feet so splinters from wood shavings can harm their sensitive feet.So when you are looking for a rabbit bedding for your buddy, check out all the available products and see which one will fit your needs and your rabbits needs the best. These products are easy available at your local pet store or on the web.Nevertheless, for the last 6 years, the packaging of every small animal bedding product has been trumpeting the dire health risks of pine shavings.

The main risk, if there is one, is with cedar. As noted on our page, most rabbit breeders don’t use cedar at all. There is no need at all to lump heat-treated or kiln-dried pine shavings in with cedar’s supposed bad rap and attribute the same health risks to pine. Rabbits are fantastic house pets and our stores carry everything> you can think of for them to be happy and healthy!Huge selection of treats, toys, bedding, food, hay and of course, cages for both indoor and out!