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…Bobbi Colorado and Austin Pet Ranch are great. At both they get plenty of outside time.…
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Have you ever wondered what will happen to your pet when you are gone? We are now offering assistance with and Pet Trusts right here in Colorado at Eight Mile Ranch.
Pet Ranch Pet Grooming in Colorado Springs, reviews by real people
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Excellant Store!!! – This store is wonderful. I researched this store with every state and city agency before I even walked in the door. They do it right and buy the book. This store is not part of the original Pet Ranch Chain of stores and was purchased by new owners whom I have to say truly love animals. I was so impressed with this store, the breeders they use and the health of the puppies in this store I actually purchased a puppy from them 6 months ago. He is healthy, happy, and a wonderful addition to our family. I have never been anywhere you can tell just when you walk in these animals are loved, cared for properly, and of good quality. Every puppy I was interested in I was provided all the breeders information on. I even contacted two of the breeders and researched them before making my decision. This store is well worth a visit. I really wish people would realize there are good pet stores and also in Colorado and especially Thornton they are heavily regulated. I found more scams and puppy mill dealers looking for a puppy on line. Years ago maybe pet stores did support puppy mills. But today with the internet puppy mills don Pet Ranch - Colorado Springs, CO, (719) 638 ..
Photo provided by Flickrassistance with Pet Estate Planning and Pet Trusts right here in Colorado at Eight Mile Ranch.
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I live off of S Colorado Blvd. Despite being able to choose from a varity of Dog stores .i go out of my way to this Ma and Pa Shop. The individuals are well mannered and helpful. MAny changes have been made and all of them for the better , the previous owner did not do very well but now i love buying things for My American Eskimo , collars , food, shampoo, brushes, anything i need. And i always know that i will be welcome in Pet Ranch