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The pet safe dog fence also comes in different size that can be used for a very small or very large dog, and every size in between. We have fencing that is 5, 6, and 7 feet tall, so you can select the height of your pet safe dog fence depending on the size of your dog. The rolls also come in different lengths depending on how much space you want to provide for your dog. The rolls come in both 100 and 200 foot lengths, so you can properly section off the perfect amount of designated space in your yard for your dog. Combine our height and length options for our pet safe dog fence to create the best fencing solution that applies specifically to your pet and yard.
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Our pet safe dog fence is designed to protect your dog without a threat of injury. It's a humane alternative to pet control that allows your dog to explore the area you have designated for them to play freely without the restriction of a leash or harness. Your dog can feel free to explore their territory and you will have peace of mind knowing that they're safe. Our pet safe dog fence is a win/win situation for you and your dog. Fireplace Fence Baby Safety Fence Hearth Gate BBQ Metal Fire Gate Pet Dog Cat
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Although healthy dogs and cats can swim short distances, escape from a pool may be a life and death struggle. Barking is sometimes difficult once the dog is in the water. The untrained animal instinctively heads for the nearest edge of the pool and tries to claw its way out. Panic quickly leads to exhaustion. While animals can be trained to go to the shallow end, or the steps, climbing to safety may be impossible for smaller animals. Although many dogs love the water, don't assume they can swim naturally. Never throw a dog into the pool; he may panic and not be able to climb the sides to get out of the pool. Even excellent swimmers will gradually lose their ability as they age and become weaker. In addition, senior dogs are more prone to slipping and falling into a pool.At Best Friend Fence our customers are our top priority. In keeping with this concept, our experts have taken all of the stress and guesswork out of purchasing a dog fence enclosure. Our carefully constructed Dog Fence Kits include everything that you need to easily install a virtually invisible barrier on your property. When installed according to our specific instructions, these dog fence kits will keep your pets safe and ensure your property and landscape years of protection from destructive deer.HEIGHT & COLOR OPTIONSÂ

Pool Barrier of ArizonaT pet resistant safety fences are available in 18", 24", 30" and 36" heights. For bigger pets are fences are also available in 48" and 60" heights. Our pet fence comes in a variety of colors including Brown, Black, Green, Beige, White + Custom Options.Pets are our furry children and keeping them out of the pool can save their lives. Even larger dogs can have difficulty finding their way to the stairs and out of the pool before they are exhausted. A pet fence installed by Safe Defenses can be the difference between a safe puppy and a waterlogged dog.