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Three species of (, , and ) are the only scorpions which are listed by the Appendix II since 1995, due to overly exploitation for pet trade from the wild. have been issued for by several countries in West Africa (including , , , and ).
The CITES-listing has been conceptually criticized for protecting three species, of which only one () is frequently exported for international pet trade. On the other hand, several other, unprotected species are also harvested for export, especially and in . Even in countries with effective quotas, the origin of traded specimens either from farms or from the wild is hardly traceable. Beside of over-harvesting, the species are most endangered by habitat-destruction due to . Traded specimens are sometimes labelled . This name is an invalid for and apparently used to avoid CITES regulations for this species. However, other - unlisted - species were also traded under this name.
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The emperor scorpion is threatened by over-collection for the pet trade , and by continuing destruction of its habitat through deforestation . The relatively small litter sizes and long generation times typical of scorpions may mean populations take a long time to recover from any losses . All the essentials for a pet scorpion or whipscorpion (vinegaroon) habitat
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Now that you have decided to get a pet scorpion it’s time to acquire all the supplies you will need to house him and create a proper habitat. You should have your pet’s new cage ready before you bring him home. Scorpions are animals that suffer uncontrolled human predation. They are sold in markets as pets, without making any considerations. We destroy their habitat, hunt them as food and cook them alive. Humans do not possess poison, claws or fangs, but we are certainly the most dangerous predators of any other creature in the world.A shallow water dish should be provided and a hide area is also required for your habitat. If you have more than one scorpion in an enclosure, multiple hide areas should be provided. Driftwood and logs that are readily available at pet stores make excellent hide areas. You may add decorations to the habitat at your own discretion, but they are not required. The Asian Forest Scorpion is an awesome and wonderful pet, they are very easy to keep and an extremely fun pet to watch. In this video we look at the habitat requirements to keep Scorpions happy; and the simple, low maintenance, care they need.

1. Canon T3i (10-18mm, 18-55mm, and 100-200mm lens)
2. Rode Video Mic Go
3. Joby GorillaPod

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Twitter: Scorpions like live food, which means you need a another habitat in which to keep his meals alive. Crickets are commonly fed to scorpions -- they are easy to find at pet supply stores and are easy to care for while they are waiting to become dinner. You can also feed your pet mealworms, grasshoppers and moths. Keep the feeder insects in a container with a vented lid so they get air, and make sure they have food and water. Scorpions are healthier if they eat food that is healthy. About twice a month, separate two crickets and sprinkle them with a reptile vitamin supplement powder before dropping them in your scorpion's habitat. This makes sure he's getting the nutrition he needs.History:
The Emperor Scorpion originates from Africa and are commonly seen in places like Ghana and Togo. Their natural habitat is either in humid rainforests, or in the arid savannah. Due to their naturally docile nature and not extremely potent venom, the Emperor Scorpion is the most common type of scorpion sold as an exotic pet. The Emperor Scorpion is the most commonly used scorpion is Hollywood movies.