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Finding the best deals on pet supplies can be a difficult task. On one hand you have the discount department stores like Walmart that have great prices but a miserable selection. On the other hand, you have your big name pet stores like Petco or PetSmart that has everything you need but at prices respectably higher. Somewhere in the middle are grocery stores with average price but frequent sales. One solution to the pet supply dilemma is to shop with a wholesaler that operates online such as JB Wholesale Pet Supplies.
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Sometime during the pair’s traveling to show after show, they realized they were in a position where they frequently were among the first to come into contact with the latest and greatest new pet supplies. Instead of simply buying for their own kennel, they figured the public might like to be let in on these products, so they opened their store – JB Wholesale Pet Supplies. It is primarily designed to help out groomers, kennel-owners, and breeders, but even a regular person with a single cat or dog can benefit from shopping with them. To see more from JB Pet Shop on Facebook, log in or create an account
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