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Additionally, the tail of a dog is a big clue to what the dog is feeling. A wagging tail doesn’t always mean your dog is happy. Dogs wag their tail out of nervousness & uneasiness as well. If the tail is straight up in the air, the dog is most likely feeling confident. If the tail is hanging loosely the dog is probably feeling relaxed, calm, or content. When the tail is between the legs the dog could be frightened or feeling insecure about something. So next time you’re watching your pooch through the glass at Petsmart pet hotel dog daycare area you can read these different signals a understand the complete picture of how the dogs are acting and how they are feeling.
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Can you imagine looking little 5-month-old Rex in the face and telling him he’s not welcome to participate in doggie daycare simply because he looks like a pit bull? That’s what happened when his mom took him to her local PetSmart, hoping to enroll the pup in doggie daycare. Rex was welcomed to board there, but he could not interact with other dogs because of his breed. Then she found . “Rex’s mom left PetSmart pretty much in tears and came to us the same day for an evaluation,” explains owner Jennifer Jung. Jennifer and co-owner Candice were able to place Rex in a group of other dogs, where he can now play and socialize like all puppies should. Please remove
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Newsday's pet columnist and blogger writes in a recent post that the pet supplies retailer PetSmart has been the target of online complaints about at its doggie day-care facilities.Dogs bark, growl, and wag their tails a lot but those are only a small portion of how they communicate. There tends to be miscommunications between people and dogs because people are verbal, and dogs are more signal orientated. If you’re in the Torrance area and you’re looking for a camp, Petsmart pet hotel, or dog daycare for your dog make sure the people that are in charge of your special dog are knowledgeable of the dog’s language. If you are looking for a daycare, boarding or pet hotel in the Torrance or South Bay area, make sure the staff is trained in understanding canine communication as this goes a long way in preventing tiffs and making sure your dog is having a good time.PetSmart is an American retail chain engaged in the sale of specialty pet supplies and services such as grooming and dog training, cat and dog boarding facilities and daycare.Favetta – a former military dog handler who'd worked at PetSmart for 18 months – didn't want his 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, Gizmo, to be home alone all day and night. So he put Gizmo in the Secaucus, New Jersey store's doggie day care facility. The store was empty, and Favetta checked in on his pet every 15 minutes.

Two weeks later, store and district managers requested a written report of his overnight shift. He complied – and promptly was fired for "theft of service."

'I was shocked,' Favetta told the Star Ledger. 'It makes me sick that because I brought my dog to work with me when the store was closed to do the company a favor, I was called a thief and terminated.' "Theft of service" was just a convenient excuse to axe him because he didn't get along with his manager, he argues, noting that he opened the store and handled money without incident.

PetSmart spokeswoman Jessica White defended the company's decision, saying that service was a huge part of PetSmart's business. Offering such as access to the store's doggie daycare facility are "viewed as sale items the same way items on the shelf are," she told the paper. "To use the facilities and not pay for it – it falls under the same lines."

Thanks partly to questions raised by the Star-Ledger's consumer affairs reporter, PetSmart eventually offered Favetta his job back and a transfer to another store. He accepted – but in the meantime, he was offered a job for which he had applied while he was unemployed. The position was at a company that uses animals to search for hazards, and Favetta took it. No word yet on whether that business will allow Favetta to bring Gizmo to work.