PetSound Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital.

1. Pet Sounds' lyricist penned jingles for Barbie dolls, Max Factor cosmetics and Gallo wine.
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In the meantime, the 1966 combination of Pet Sounds [which reached #2 on the UK chart] and "Good Vibrations" [#1 both stateside and in England] was so potent that when the Beach Boys arrived in London for a fall tour, they were greeted with a mania worthy of England's most famous musical export. And from London to Los Angeles, those two records…one a "long-player" that lasted less than 40 minutes, the other a single that at the time of its release was one of the longest #1 hits ever…set the stage for what was seen by Brian as "the next step."
14. Bruce Johnston's Pet Sounds promo trip almost broke up the Who – but inspired the Beatles.
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Conceived by Wilson as an attempt to create a cohesive work of art, “Pet Sounds” is an early concept album. The themes of love, both lost and found, and struggling to relate to the world are found consistently throughout the record. And the songs have thematic similarities, despite the disparity in musical tones. “Pet Sounds” helped change the very face of pop music: The concept album played a key role in the shift away from single-oriented pop that dominated the marketplace in the 1960s, and it helped birth album rock. 15. Several songs didn't make the cut for Pet Sounds – including an iconic smash.
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Produced as part of the BBC "Classic Albums" series, "Beach Boys: Making Pet Sounds" has been flown transatlantically to Showtime to belatedly commemorate the 50th anniversary of an album relatively few people bought in its time but which is now widely considered a landmark of pop music. That the 1966 album has eclipsed "Surfin’ Safari" and "Shut Down, Vol. 2" in the Beach Boys’ legend would surely have surprised the Capitol Records marketing executives who greeted it with confusion and, so far from getting behind the record, sabotaged it by releasing a "best of" collection of old surf and car songs directly on its heels, more than symbolically putting the band's future in direct competition with its past. With one of the most in demand concert outings of the year, music legend BRIAN WILSON is extending the final performance run of his Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary World Tour and announcing a slate of new North American show dates for 2017 to celebrate and perform the iconic album Pet Sounds for a final time. Currently on the road and performing his last shows of the year, the tour will pick up again in the spring with an initial 37 new dates added to the Pet Sounds: The Final Performances tour run. In addition, fans everywhere can now purchase the autobiography (De Capo Press), available at retailers everywhere.Hopeful, melancholy, exuberant and nostalgic by turns, "Pet Sounds" lives in the space between innocence and experience; it's a record about growing up whose strength derives in part from the fact that the music itself is the work of a maturing talent, bandleader and composer-arranger Brian Wilson. "The album is the sound of him trying to explore becoming an adult," music journalist David Wild says here, "because I think he might have had a delayed go at that." On the other hand, he was only 23. In 1965, with the Beach Boys out on tour, Wilson began session work on some of the most deeply personal recordings of his career. Inspired by The Beatles Rubber Soul, he challenged himself to create an immaculate musical masterpiece. A vast departure from the bands’ then commercial sound, the resulting “concept album” Pet Sounds achieved great critical success helping usher in a new musical landscape.