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has launched , a dog toy product line developed exclusively for the pet specialty channel.
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Retailers can look for specialty items at trade shows. Not only are pet industry shows a good place to search, but so are giftware shows. Make contact with gift distributors and ask them to notify the store when any new pet-themed products become available. Also attend craft fairs and bazaars, locally and while on vacation. Check out gift catalogs for pet specialty products too.
We are dedicated to a happy and healthy pet. The products below are some of our special products we sell and recommend.
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Our specialty pet store features a wide array of products for your pets, ranging from toys and trinkets to dental products and grooming supplies. We carry most major brands, and our staff knows exactly what products to recommend because we already know your pet. Pet Specialty Products
Photo provided by Flickrfull line of Pinebush products in our WILD WING section of Specialty Pet Supplies!
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Max and Plugs isn't about your everyday pet products. We're about providing you with some of the finest specialty pet products that promote the enrichment of your pet lifestyle. From Dog and Cat themed to and unique to pet themed products for . You will find fun and unique pet products you can't find at your local 'big box' store. We have something for every member of the family, your home and your pets!The foundation for sales visibility is AGDATA's industry leading database of over 320,000 unique points of distribution, vets, dealers, and producers. As well as the only unique identification numbers for more than 15,000 independent pet speciality dealers.To view our entire product list, instead of just specialty pet products, please scroll to the top of any page and click products. You may click the link in blue to direct yourself to our entire product catalog.For years Specialty Pet Products has been the most recognized source for odor extermination in veterinary practices, and client homes. Our world famous Pet Odor Exterminator Candles are the very best on the market today. All of their products are formulated with natural odor neutralizing enzymes that destroy odors rather than just masking them. It’s what makes their products uniquely different from other air fresheners, and fragrance candles on the market. We offer year round and seasonal fragrances to choose from to help you eliminate the unwanted odors in your life.Pets Emergency Hospital is fully equipped to handle any Emergency or Critical Care patient. We have a full in-hospital lab, ultrasound, digital radiography, flexible gastrointestinal endoscopy, antivenin, blood products (blood type kits, blood and plasma for dogs and cats), PLI (canine and feline pancreatitis tests), IOP (intraocular pressure) test kit, coagulation testing equipment, EPOC (latest in blood gas analysis), in-house urine culture, urine drug screen, specialized pharmacy and surgical products for emergency and critical cases, therapeutic laser, acupuncture and electrical stimulation.Stop me if you’ve heard this one before… A small pet product company starts off by exclusively serving pet stores, eventually grows into prominence and promptly moves on to seek its fortunes in the food/drug/mass (FDM) channel. It is a strategy that many pet specialty retailers have become all too familiar with, and one that has exacerbated the already tough competitive climate that pet stores face.