Pet Steps for Dogs created with your Big Dogs in mind

SENIOR OR BIG DOG? Hampton Bay Pet Steps #dogstairs #petstairs #dogstairsforbeds #petsteps
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Doggy Stairs & Pet Steps for Big Dogs, Small Dogs, Medium Size Dogs, & Senior Dogs. Prevent Canine-Arthritis and Pet Injury with Hampton Bay Pet Steps.
Dog Stairs & Pet Steps designed especially for pet lovers & their big dogs
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The Pet Loader dog stairs are designed with a special incline property that allows you to adjust them to fit the height of any vehicle perfectly, making access for your dog to the truck much easier! Certainly the earlier on you teach your dog to use steps rather than allowing them to jump in and out of your vehicle the better their health will remain. As dogs jump in and out of vehicles, they are placing pressure and stress on to various parts of their bodies which in later life can lead to health problems. The areas which are most likely to suffer from injuries through them jumping are the hips, back (spine) and joints. Using steps will mean that they are placing less pressure on these areas. For big dogs, stairs can be extremely beneficial. Larger breeds of dogs, such as Labradors, Mastiffs, German Shepherds and Boxers can be prone to problems such as hip dysplasia and other joint injuries. So if you want your dog to lead a happy and fruitful life and reduce the risk of such injuries then it is important that you seriously consider purchasing a good quality set of dog truck steps for your vehicle. SENIOR OR BIG DOG? Hampton Bay Pet Steps #dogstairs #petstairs #dogstairsforbeds #petsteps.
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Photo provided by FlickrHampton Bay Pet Steps are inspired by dogs and handmade in the USA. These doggy stairs are great for the big dogs. Choose any color to match your decor.
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The wood 4-step pet stair offered by Solvit is solid, well-designed and useful for old or disabled pets. Users love the sturdy construction and the fact that it’s foldable and easy to store. However, some do note that the steps might be too small for big dogs. I modified this with a serated knife to fit my platform bed. These are so pricey and pet stores. Vey happy with it and pleased I can toss the cover in the wash. Lots of steps work with small and or old dogs who cant take big leaps. It's nice not to have somethig without a pet pattern on it.With a size of 20"x 16" x 24" and a stair rise of 4.75 inches, this pup wood stair has a wooden frame, brass hardware, built-in side rails and carpeted steps. The weight capacity of the Solvit pet stairs is 200 lbs, and it can be folded for transport or storage. As a whole, it seems like a good, reasonably priced product, but not very suitable for bigger dogs.