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The 4-Legged Pet Boutique offers diverse and wide variety of dog clothing from everyday to couture apparel. For tiny dogs and up to 6x-large size dogs. Our collection includes sweaters, coats and jackets, dresses, elegant vests and wedding apparel, Tees, sweaters, pajamas, booties and more.
4-Legged Pet Boutique has a big selection of dog sweaters, warm hoodies for teacups up to 6x -large dogs
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4-Legged Pet Boutique has a big selection of dog sweaters for tiny dogs and up to very large dogs. We carry the latest trends and the finest designers. Dog Sweater - A dog sweater is recommended for dogs of all shapes and sizes
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The Pet Boutique has a large selection of cute dog sweaters that are durable, comfy, and warm. Whether you are looking for small dog sweaters or large dog sweaters, we can help. More importantly, we know how to design sweaters for dogs that last. The Christmas dog sweaters are going to transform your pet into Cinderella’s and Prince Charms among the other dogs. Let us look at some of the large dog apparel Christmas and small dog sweaters available in the market for this Christmas season.Dog sweaters are an excellent option for dog owners who want to help keep their pets warm this season. The dog sweater is available in two basic styles: the pull on sweater and the strapped sweater. Dogs will have a preference for one or the other. Dog owners usually find that the strapped or belted sweater is easier to put on the dog. These sweaters are available in multiple sizes, from extra, extra small up to extra large.This dog sweater is perfect for all dog breeds. Great choice for large chested dogs & oddly shaped pups - Greyhounds, boxers, whippets, dachshunds, pugs, pit bulls, wiemeraners, doberman pinchers, min pins etc - you get the idea. This sweater can also be used for the tiniest of dogs to the largest breeds. Its a show stopper for sure! Matching Snood NOT Included But Can Be Ordered. Available Now On Custom Order. CONTACT FIRST FOR SIZE PLEASE *PLEASE HAVE THE FOLLOWING MEASUREMENTS AVAI...Active pets need clothes, which do not hinder their activities and turtleneck dog sweaters for large dogs is the best match. When comparing various styles of dog Sweaters, you will find that our pets like such sweaters, as they offer maximum comfort.Watch more Great Craft Ideas videos:

All you need is an oversize sock to whip up an adorable sweater for a tiny dog.

Step 1: Put on his hat
Take the toe piece and put it on his head, pulling his ears through the slits.

Step 2: Go for a walk
Take him for a walk so he can show off his spiffy new outfit.

Step 3: Remove the top
Cut off the top of the sock, the part with the elastic, and discard.

Step 4: Cut a slit
Lay the sock on a flat surface so that it's in the shape of a "J." Fold the heel over and make a one-inch cut through both layers. Unfold and enlarge the slits if necessary so your dog's legs will fit through.

Roll down the top of the sock to make a turtleneck.

Step 5: Cut the toe
Cut off the toe of the sock, just past the seam. Fold the open edge over about an inch and make a small slit through both layers. Unfold and enlarge the slits if necessary to fit over your dog's ears.

Step 6: Dress your dog
Slide the sock over your dog’s body so that the top of the sock is around his neck. Pull his two front legs through the slits you cut in the heel of the sock.

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