Pet-Tabs Plus is made with special taste appeal.

PET-TABS® Jr. tablets may be given by hand just prior to feeding, or crumble and mix with food.
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Pet-Tabs Calcium Formula Dog Supplements are: * A great source of calcium* Designed to improve strength of bones and teeth* Delicious Directions for Use: Pet-Tabs Calcium tablets are recommended as a daily supplement for dogs and cats where appropriate. Administer by hand just prior to feeding, or…
Made in USAHealth Insurance for about 15 Cents a DayFormerly called Pet-Tabs Plus
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Multiple Vitamin for Active/Senior/Working Dogs or if you just want an extra boost. One Tablet per Day Formula. For the health of active and older dogs. Pet-Tabs Plus has a higher potency of specific vitamins & minerals versus the Pet-Tabs OF (Original Formula). Distributed by Virbac Animal Health, manufactured by Pfizer Animal Health. Indications: PET-TABS® Plus is designed for use in dogs with special dietary needs.
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Pet-Tabs for dogs, Pet-Tabs Plus for dogs and Pet-Cal for dogs and cats are returning to pet specialty retailers, exclusively available through H&C Animal Health. These trusted, effective products have been researched, developed and manufactured by , a world leader in animal health.ConsumerLab, a paid subscriber testing service, tested Pet-Tabs Complete Daily for Dogs in 2007 and again in 2009. They found very high levels of lead contamination in the product: 1.41 mcg (in 2007) and 6.45 mcg (in 2009). The latter is nearly 13 times above the level mandated as safe by the state of California.Pet-Tabs are tasty, meat-flavored tablets containing a precise blend of 18 vitamins and minerals to help balance and complete a dog’s nutrition. Sharing the same savory flavor profile, Pet-Tabs Plus tablets are packed with 23 essential vitamins and minerals specifically designed for supplementing the diet of older dogs, working dogs or dogs under stress. Pet-Cal tablets provide a highly palatable source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D to support strong, healthy bones and teeth in both dogs and cats. These well-known products have recently unveiled a new bold, yellow and green label design, making them easy for shoppers to quickly find. In the case of Pet-Tabs, the ingredients, manufacturing and packaging are all high quality which nobody will dispute. The reall problem with this product is that it is built around profits and not canine health. From a marketing perspective, if you are selling a canine consumable it is in your best interest to make it palatable to dogs. In other words, if a dog won't eat it their owner wont buy it. If a company want to sell a large quantity of product it is necessary to use big ticket stores which require sizable margins and low prices. To compete in the "walmarts" of the world you have to keep your costs down which in this case is being done with the ingredients.Pet-Tabs from Virbac Animal Health is the one of the better known supplements available, mainly because they are available everywhere: pet stores, grocery stores, stores like Petsmart, feed stores. You name the place and you will most likely find Pet-Tabs. This product has been around a long time and is relatively inexpensive. What most of find when shopping for any product is that the more a company focuses on quantity, the less attention is paid to quality.So after going through the list of ingredients you can tell what was included for flavor, which is meant to control side effects, and those used for the tableting process. But what is left? The truth is that there is very little in Pet-Tabs which has any real nutritional value at all. So why is it so popular? With any product, when you can mass market it the popularity will increase. Pet-Tabs has a huge marketing machine that makes sure it is available everywhere. Because of the cheap ingredients used they can make it for pennies. Because most of the ingredients are based on flavor, most every dog will eat it. But just like a chocolate bar, just because a dog will eat it doesn't mean they should.