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We offer tags in two sizes and both are actually quite small. The regular vertical tag comes at just 2.15" length x 1.25" width (5.5 cm x 3.1 cm) and the regular horizontal at 1.8" length x 1.4" width (4.5 cm x 3.6 cm). The small vertical tag is 1.85" length x 1.0" width (4.7 cm x 2.5 cm) and the small horizontal measures at 1.6" length by 1.2" width (4.0 cm x 3.1cm). This makes the tags great for dogs and cats of all sizes. Even the smaller pets can proudly wear our tags!
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Pet-Tags has been servicing customers around the world for more than ten years. Our tags can be found on more than 2 million satisfied cats and dogs in over 75 countries, from the USA to Iceland to Fiji! Pet Tags for Dogs & Cats | Zazzle
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Research shows that 80 percent of pet owners believe it’s important that dogs and cats wear personal identification tags, but only one in three pet owners say their pets always wear them. The importance of pet tags was highlighted last week with news of five years after she went missing from her Colorado home. She had been embedded with a microchip as a kitten, which carried information about her owners 1,800 miles away.For their health and safety and your peace of mind, all pet cats should be kept indoors. But accidents can happen. A door or window inadvertently left open can tempt your feline friend to slip outside. That's why all cats should wear collars and tags.Owners who had removed tags said they did so because the animal was an indoor pet or because the animal indicated some discomfort with the collar. A few others reported losing the tags, and one said tags were unnecessary because the family “lived in the country.” During the study period, 18 pets were reported lost, and 17 of them, including 13 dogs and 4 cats, were found and returned home. Of those, nine dogs and one cat had been returned home because someone used the information on the pet tag to reunite the animal with its owner.1 1/8″H x 1 1/8″W
A little larger than a quarter, The Medium Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag is the perfect Cat ID Tag for large cats and Dog ID Tag for medium to large sized dogs! Stainless steel Pet ID tags are the longest lasting pet identification tags available – they will withstand even the roughest abuse! These tags have deep die-stamping with extra dark text for a lifetime of easy reading.13/16″H x 1 1/32″W
About the size of a nickel, the small stainless steel Pet ID Tag is perfect for cats or small dogs. Stainless steel Pet ID tags are the longest lasting pet identification tags available – they will withstand even the roughest abuse! These tags have deep die-stamping with extra dark text for a lifetime of easy reading.Whether you have an indoor house cat that tries to bolt for freedomevery chance he gets or a friendly pup that likes to wander into theneighbor’s yard, it is smart to have a tag on your pet. Instead of oneof those standard pet tags you find in the store, deck your cat or dogout with a personalized pet tag from Shutterfly.It doesn’t matter whether you prefer cats or dogs. Shutterfly hasmore than 20 different pet tag options to help you design the perfecttag for your furry friend. Choose between fun shapes like a heart orbone. With Shutterfly, you have the option of uploading your favoritepicture. The design assistant will help you choose your favorite colorsand get your message just right for the little one. If you have a petwho likes to get out, it is very important to include your phone numberso a helpful neighbor can help your fuzzy baby find their way back toyou.Custom pet tags make great gifts. Give the pet owner in your life apet tag for their precious baby. Shutterfly makes it easy to match thepersonality of the pet and the owner. Shutterfly has other fun options for your loved ones with pets. Youcan design a set of custom , so Fido or Fluffy can eat anddrink in style. Bowls are available in two different size options so youcan be sure to match the appetite of the dog or cat with the right sizebowl.You don’t have to stop there. A for thefour-legged friend in your life will give you or your loved one a placeto set their custom bowls. With Shutterfly, it’s always easy to customcreate the perfect gifts for every occasion. The templates arestraightforward and easy to use.You love your pets. They bring joy and unconditional love into yourhome, even if they push glasses off surfaces or chew on your shoes. Yourcat or dog’s accessories can shine full of personality. Shutterfly haseverything you need to create playful and unique items for your pet.