Pet the Puppy Hour with Archie and Rocco.

Virtually all of the puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.
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So the next time you see that adorable puppy in the window, pause and think about the downsides of pet store pups. Buying from such a store is, in essence, supporting them and the horrible practice of puppy mills. And it is also almost a sure bet that you’ll have a bad experience.
Aw! Don’t worry you can buy yourself a puppy from the pet store that you can keep forever 🙂
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No, that isn’t normal, have you tried looking in the other houses for him? Also go back to the pet store, if the free puppy is still available then the purchase must not have gone through You don’t keep the puppy or kitten, you get one free puppy and one free kitten from the pet store once you complete the quest.
Photo provided by FlickrWhen you buy a puppy in a pet store, it does not save that puppy. It perpetuates a cycle of cruelty and supports the puppy mill industry.
Photo provided by FlickrAlready excited to pet the adorable animal, Biden’s face “lit up” when he learned he inspired Biden the puppy’s name.
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Puppy Love Pet Rescue is a non-profit, all volunteer, foster care organization primarily serving Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, and Union Counties, dedicated to the health and welfare of our animal friends and assistance, through education, for the humans who love them.Bringing a new pet home is as exciting as unwrapping a birthday present. You can hardly wait to start playing with it! As a new pet parent, you are in for one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life. While it will take some work, you have a lot of great things to look forward to. When bringing home a young pet like a puppy or kitty, it’s important establish healthy habits right from the get go. As your pet’s parent, it’s your job to give her the best food, exercise and lifestyle that you can give. Thankfully, you’re not alone. Our own Dr. Katy has given us some helpful advice as to what you can do to establish a true Fresh Start for your new puppy or kitty. We understand times are tough, but we do need your help. The rising costs of supplies, medicine, and vet care present our rescue group with a huge financial burden and a constant uphill battle. If you are able to donate, we need your time (through volunteering and fostering), supplies (check out our "wish list" below) and monetary contributions (click the donate button below for our fast, easy, and secure payment option or send a check made payable to: Puppy Love Pet Rescue to the address below). Thank you so much for your support!Because puppy mills focus on profit, dogs are often bred with little regard for genetic quality. Puppy mill puppies are prone to congenital and hereditary conditions including heart disease and blood and respiratory disorders. In addition, puppy mill puppies often arrive in pet stores and in their new homes with diseases or infirmities ranging from parasites to pneumonia. Because puppies are removed from their littermates and mothers at a young age, they also often suffer from fear, anxiety and other behavioral problems. Puppy mills usually house dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization. In order to maximize profits, female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little-to-no recovery time between litters. Puppy mill puppies, often as young as eight weeks of age, are sold to pet shops or directly to the public over the Internet, through newspaper ads and at swap meets and flea markets. The first full year of vaccinations, including Rabies, is included in the adoption fee. If not already administered, it is your responsibility to bring your puppy to ANIMART’s vaccination clinics to complete necessary vaccinations at no additional charge. See the Pet Health Record for your pet’s vaccination schedule. Vaccinations include: Canine distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, coronavirus, parvovirus and bordetella bronchiseptica. In addition, your puppy was tested negative for Parvo virus. (Not included: Lyme and Lepto)