JW Pet Magnet Smart Temperature Aquarium Thermometer

Includes: 1 Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer,1 pack of 20 Lens Covers with Dispenser.
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etermining your dog's temperature at home is necessary from time to time -- if your dog is sick, for instance, or if the dog's pregnant and you want to know if labor's imminent. A drop in temperature near a gestating dog's due date signifies labor is less than a day away. The traditional method for taking a dog’s temperature is a rectal thermometer; newer ear thermometers are less invasive alternative.
Once you have a rectal pet thermometer for dogs on hand, the process is easy:
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There are various colors available, and users find this helpful in assigning a different color for a different usage, such as blue for oral, or green for rectal. It is important, too, to designate a for-pets-only thermometer even though the VitalEarth Eco-Friendly Baby Thermometer and type can be used for humans. If the thermometer breaks within your pet, contact the veterinary clinic immediately.
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Photo provided by FlickrThe Well & Good Digital Pet Thermometer is fast and accurate with an automatic shut-off.
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Animal control supervising Officer Karen Jones said the department receives frequent calls from residents concerned about pets left in hot cars. The current method of using a home thermometer with a digital probe to check car temperatures is not admissible in court, but the new calibrated infrared thermometer will give police stronger evidence in serious animal neglect and cruelty incidents.Pet Thermometers trends with products included from Dog Thermometers, Grill Thermometers, Baby Thermometers, Temperature Indicators, and feature top brands for Pet Thermometers including Advanced Monitors, Zoo Med, Intu-MedPet, Nutri-Vet, CNZ and more.If we have a dog on the operating table with a temperature that drops to 98°F, we will begin covering it with warm towels or a heating pad. Although lower than normal temperatures absolutely need to be addressed, the greater concern is when a dog has an elevated temperature. If your dog's temperature is over 104°F, immediate action should be taken. You literally have to do several things at one time. It is helpful if you have everything already at hand so that you can follow through with what you need to do quickly. The first thing you will need is the phone number of your local veterinary, for incidents that take place during normal business hours, and the phone number of the nearest emergency veterinary facility, one that will be open no matter when you call. But first you need to empty out all of the ice you have in your house and put it into the largest container you have and then fill it with water. If you have bags of ice stored in the freezer, that is great. Soak a towel in the ice cold mixture and then use it to cover your dogs body. It helps if you can lay the dog down. Place additional wet towels under the legs and in the groin area of the dog, around its neck. The towels will need to be switched out with new, soaked towels every few minutes because they will get warm quickly. Don't worry about getting the carpet, floor or any surrounding areas wet, your dog may live or die based on your actions. A digital thermometer and vaseline will be essential in monitoring your dogs temperature.Advanced Monitors Corporation sells two versions of the Rapid Digital Thermometers. The DT-10 is a rigid version and the DT-11 is a flexible version. Both of the Vet-Temp Rapid Digital Thermometers measure temperature in as little as 10 seconds (depending on ambient temperature). Both thermometers are accurate to within ±0.2° C. These rectal thermometers minimize discomfort for the pet by measuring the temperature in a short time period!It's not difficult to take your dog's temperature rectally, but it is a task best performed by two people. Have someone hold the dog still, preferably someone the dog knows and likes. If no help is available, make your dog lie down on his side and hold him as best you can, while talking to him soothingly. After shaking down the thermometer and lubricating it well with petroleum jelly, lift his tail and gently push the thermometer in with a twisting motion. Insert the thermometer from one to three inches, depending on the size of your dog and hold it in place for at least two minutes.The Pet-Temp® Instant Ear Thermometer is used by pet owners and veterinarians worldwide to quickly, easily and accurately monitor the health of companion animals. The Pet-Temp gives pet owners the ability to stay informed with changes in their pet’s health and make better decisions about when medical attention is needed. You may even save your pet’s life by using the Pet-Temp on a regular basis.