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There's nothing better than getting into a warm bed, especially on a cold fall or winter night. So why shouldn't your dog be able to have the same experience? Heated dog beds and pads provide dogs with a warm, comfortable spot to lie down and rest on - trust us, they won't have to be told twice! Energy efficient self-heating beds are extremely safe and earth friendly, using the dog's own warmth to heat the bed. Travel pet bed warmers allow you to keep your pet comfortable on the go, and outdoor heating pads are the perfect solution for keeping outside dogs safe, warm and healthy even in rain or chilly weather.

Pet Mountain's Heated Dog Bed store features top quality beds, pads and warmers from the most trusted names in pet bedding: Aspen Pet, PetSafe, K&H Pet Products. The provides soothing heat that's ideal for aging and arthritic pets. This comfortable heated pad is the perfect way to keep your pets warm. The Indoor Heating Pad provides 3 layers of protection for your pet: the chew proof cord and sturdy metal protector keep your pet from sinking its teeth into something it shouldn't, the low, safe voltage ensures that your pet is never in any danger, and the fuse is located inside the pad for maximum insulation. The has two layers of super thick orthopedic foam, so supportive even the biggest dogs will enjoy the comfort and not feel the floor below them! A dual thermostat helps maintain an even temperature which is 12-15 degrees above natural air temp to your pets regular body temperature while they are using the bed. The keeps your pets comfortable on the go! It plugs into a standard 12V car outlet and can be placed inside virtually any pet bed for easy, instant, portable warming.

No. WarmPet produces little to no EMF, unlike traditional electronic coil heating pads which produce very high amounts of EMF.
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Many people place self heating pet pads in areas where feral cats frequent, as they allow the cats a warm place to sleep without freezing to death. Ideal for keeping pets cozy during the winter, these thermal pet pads are designed with a thermal layer to radiate heat for added warmth
Photo provided by FlickrExplore the heated dog bed and dog heating pads options available at Petco and keep your pup warm whenever the temperature takes a sharp dip.
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There are a lot of really good options if you are looking for a pet self-warming pad, also known as a thermal warming mat for your dog or cat. Self-warming pads are a great investment that will help to keep your pets warm and cozy all year long without the use of electricity. They work by having a thermal material that is inside the mat that reflects the pets own body heat back to them. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and are a great way to help protect your furniture from pet hair, while also keeping your pet comfortable. They are also an easy way to keep your pet warm in your car if you are travelling, or are looking to keep outside pets warm in the cold winter months.You may be surprised to find that most of these types of pads aren’t very thick, because of this they are often used in combination with furniture or thicker padded beds to help keep pets warm. They are kind of more like a liner than a cushioned pet bed.A cat heating pad is a small, padded device that your pet cat can rest on and which provides warmth. These pads are comfortable for cats of all ages and at all times of year, but most pets will especially enjoy them when it is cold outside. Older cats also tend to spend more time on their heating pads as compared with younger cats. There are a number of reasons why getting a heating pad for your cat may help to make him more comfortable and to ease discomfort that he feels as a result of arthritis, bone and joint issues, and other medical conditions as well.Osborne Stanfield® Heating Pads are ideal for kennels, zoos, animal sanctuaries, and even for your pets at home. Our fiberglass-reinforced plastic animal heating pads continue to be the safest and most economical way to promote good health and growth for your pet. Our heat pads distribute heat more evenly than other pet heating pads because of their revolutionary design. The heating element is patterned to radiate warmth across the entire length of the pad, not just at the center. The heating element is completely sealed in the pad making them water-tight.