I don't see a weasel as being a good or practical pet.

*g*Probably thinking ferrets. Weasels are not sold as pets in pet stores.
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The notion that weasels were kept as tame or domestic pets is a favourite of Classics dictionaries. It is usually said that the house weasel, identified as the or in Greek, was kept to hunt mice in the home before the domestic cat took up this role from Late Antiquity onwards. Under the entry of “weasel,” the Brill’s New Pauly Reference states:
Sylvia Benton, “Pet Weasels: Theocritus xv. 28,” , New Series, 19.3 (1969), 260-263.
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World of the Weasel presents a series of books about the escapades of a young Boy and his loyal, unruly pet weasel. Once Upon a Weasel is the first book in the series. Thinking about getting a pet least weasel? Here's
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Photo provided by FlickrWeasels are predators content with raiding chicken coops or attacking pets when they encounter civilization.
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Weasel was one of two animals who could kill the mythical Basilisk. (The other was Cock.) Because Weasels kill Snakes, symbols of vice, Christians thought of Them as a Symbol of Christ the Purifier. St. Jordan of Battberg had a pet Weasel that represented his attribute of vigilance and watchfulness.“When I was a kid, I had a pet weasel.
I think that’s a rather unusual animal for a kid to have.
But I was a rather unusual kid.”The fur of the least weasel fluoresces (glows) in ultraviolet light. Weasels have voracious appetites, and the least weasel eats about 30 percent of its weight each day. Because weasels have a high surface area to weight ratio, they conserve body heat in winter by curling into a ball and lowering their metabolism.While not an incredibly common pet, this domesticated weasel Ozzy was clearly more than excited when he received a new toy. Jumping, hiding, and running at the toy, this weasel is absolutely adorable to watch.Giving gifts is always fun, especially when you treat your pet to a new toy! If you thought watching a dog get a fresh bone or a cat playfully embrace catnip was entertaining, just wait until you see what this weasel does when it spots its new toy.The poultry industry is a huge anti-advocate for Ferrets as pets. One weasel in the hen house, or caged hen factory, and you have slaughter on your hands. They just love to kill things, it's their nature. While we do have weasels, tiny skinny ones like the long tailed weasel, which grows to only about a foot long, including the long tail. Comparitively, the Ferret is like the Arnolds of the weasel world.Click ‘Continue’ to see Ozzy the weasel war dance with his new toy! What do you think about this pet? Comment to let us know and if you found this interesting, make sure to SHARE this post with all of your friends on Facebook. Eventually, our furry new friend scurried several yards to a band saw I'd set up to cut blocks of frozen meat and salmon-sicles into more bite-sized pieces for my dogs. Watching how fast its tiny little legs fluttered in the open was impressive, yet at the same time there was something comical about it. I could easily envision the weasel's movement paired with the high-pitched tone of a musical triangle, much like the matching of instruments and animals in Sergei Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf."