I started using Pet Armor immediately and also use it on my other dog

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That being said, if your dog is on PetArmor Plus ® and doing well – especially if he has been on it for some time – then there is really no reason to make any change based on this review, or the 2012 class action lawsuit.
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Effects and Performance
Comparing the user reviews of both products, we must say that Frontline Plus still stands as the more superior product in the end. Frontline Plus’s secret inert ingredients are much more effective in bringing the active ingredients to the affected areas of the dog’s body. In general, Frontline Plus delivers faster and more reliable results than PetArmor Plus. The thing with PetArmor Plus is that it has more bad reviews, in which the users state that the product may cause the dog to be itchy and scratchy. Frontline Plus does not have such problem. Details; Reviews; FAQS. Dogs of all ages love PetArmor Joint-Eze PLUS for Dogs. These tasty chewables are shown to promote and maintain joint health.
Photo provided by FlickrI'm so glad this product is now avaliable without going to the vet's and paying the vet's price
Photo provided by FlickrIn the 6 plus years I've been using it I honestly have never found a tick on my dogs
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Just applied PetArmor about 3hrs ago to the puppy we adopted from the shelter. She’s not infested, but has enough fleas to know they are there. I have already seen fleas coming to the top of her coat, not sure it is killing them though since when we see them we try to kill them ourselves just to make sure. So not sure of effectiveness yet, but will see. As far as price we bought it from Dollar General after refusing to pay what the other store I went to wanted for Frontline. I don’t know about other stores, but with the ones I went to it was about 1/8 the price of Frontline. With that said I really hope it does work and I am going to at least give it a good try. If I haven’t seen that it is really working by the time we can give her a bath after her spaying surgery I will give her a flea bath and later find FrontLine as cheap as I can. I see all the comments about comparing to Frontline and I think what a lot of people are doing is comparing it to FrontlinePlus, which is not the same as Frontline either. The PetArmor states on the box , if you read the fine print, that it is made by the same company that makes Frontline so they are benefiting no matter which one you buy so they have no real reason for false advertising. What I think is really going on is that when they developed FrontlinePlus they probably started marketing the original Frontline as PetArmor that way they are doubling their source of income. Anyway if the price your paying is as low as what I paid ,what is it going to hurt to give it a try and a real review instead of running other people down for their honest opinion which is what you came here for after all, at least that is what I came here for.