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wide x 12inch deep Petmate two door deluxe cat carrier, small, henna rinse
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Thank you PetMate for finally innovating the pet carrier – I had a basic hard one for years that had a top load and side load (PetMate double door deluxe)… I still use it for the foster cats, since it is helpful to have the two loading options and easier to sanitize. I realized my own cat, Bradley, liked to “see” out when we traveled I was able to find the Petmate Look ‘N See – which is designed for the pet to view everything. So glad to finally see some practical and fashionable options!
Jan 29, 2016 - Petmate Two Door Deluxe This pet carrier specifically designed for cats
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Ensure your pet's optimal security during transport with this medium-sized kennel. The coated metal handle allows you to comfortably carry your pet, while durable plastic construction protects your pet from external irritants, such as groceries or other items positioned in your car, that could fall on your dog or cat during transit. Keep your pet safe and contained while traveling with this deluxe kennel from Petmate. The kennel has a two-door design, making it easy to load reluctant pets, and you can remove the top for easy cleaning. This kennel is sized to fit a cat or small dog and has a slide and spring latch to ensure it stays shut when pets paw at the gate. Items 1 - 50 of 260 - Petmate 2 Door Top Load Hard-Sided Pet Carrier ..
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Photo provided by FlickrDoor On Top, Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel offers easy access for ..
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