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When you bring a ferret into your home, you want to provide appropriate care and our veterinary staff at Yarmouth Veterinary Center is here to help! Unlike other pets, ferrets require careful supervision and care to ensure that they remain healthy and active. You also need to ensure that your ferret receives appropriate veterinary care to prevent health concerns and address any problems that arise.
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NOTE: Be sure to quarantine any new ferret pets (especially babies) from existing ferrets in the home for at least 14 days. Take your new ferret to an exotic pet veterinarian before introducing. Mar 2, 2015 - Ferrets can be great pets, but before you bring one home, read up on how to care for them
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Ferrets are social pets that do best in small groups, so we recommended you consider adopting a pair of ferrets so they will always have a companion to socialize and play with. Ferrets are also extremely intelligent and inquisitive, so having a pair of them will keep you busy keeping them out of mischief in your home. As a result ferret proofing your home is a must so they do not injure themselves exploring. Ferrets should be housed in a secure cage when their owners are not home to keep them safe and prevent them from getting into trouble or injured.Pocket pets come in all shapes but only one size - small. Careful thought must be given to your choice in a veterinarian for you and your small pet. Small pets demand specialty veterinary expertise and equipment. Dr. Rupley has over 25 years experience treating ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, hedgehogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, and chinchillas, among others. Also, our team is specifically trained in proper handling techniques to reduce stress during your pet’s visit.

Pocketpets are susceptible to many of the same illnesses that affect other mammalssuch as cats and dogs. Early detection and treatment of disease is proven toextend the life of your pet and improve the quality of life.

Our wellnessrecommendations are designed to detect illness through comprehensive physicalexamination and laboratory testing. Our doctor and staff will thoroughly reviewthe environment, diet, and attention that you’re pet is currently receiving athome. Additionally, our Team will answer any questions you may have aboutproper care for your loved one.The Feisty Ferret Home is available in a black hammertone finish and features 2 large front-opening doors that ferrets cannot open. Coated metal wire body & floors that are easy to clean. 2 main levels to provide plenty of space for food dishes and litter tray. Platforms that sit on the cage sides and can be removed quickly for easy cleaning. Large doors provide lots of access to pets and allow owners to easily switch out litter trays, food & water dishes and toys. Removable pan slides out quickly for easy cleaning. Storage shelf provides additional space to store extra food, toys, treats, etc. As for other pets in the home, it's safer to keep them separated from your ferret. According to , ferrets are carnivorous predators, so they aren't the best companions for other small pets such as rodents and birds. They also tend to nip when they play, and this could cause problems with cats and dogs. At the very least, you should supervise your ferret very closely if you let him interact with them. One bite or scratch could potentially lead to his death.