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Contact us at  if you have any questions about fostering a pet through San Antonio Pets Alive!
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As Pets Alive struggles to right its financial situation, questions will likely continue about what it can do to fulfill its mission in a city still striving to be no-kill. What is certain, City Council agreed on Thursday, is that a broader conversation about the sustainability of San Antonio’s no-kill status is needed.
A dog that is awaiting adoption or fostering at San Antonio Pets Alive! Photo by Scott Ball.
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About: I'm an excellent caregiver (Downtown San Antonio Riverwalk) with 10 years of medical background experience in addition to animals/pets caregiver. M... () **For your records, San Antonio Pets Alive’s EIN number is 45-4141531**
Photo provided by FlickrHomes for Pets (the Schertz Humane Society) serves the Schertz, Texas and surrounding San Antonio areas.
Photo provided by FlickrPets can suffer from common viruses in San Antonio based on climate and exposure to other pets or animals that carry the disease.
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At the time, San Antonio didn’t have enough adoption or spay/neuter resources for a city of 1.2 million people. Each year, animal shelters could find homes for only about 5,000 cats and dogs and spay/neuter clinics could fix only about 8,000 pets. The community didn’t embrace (TNR) as a humane solution for managing — even feeding them could result in a fine. I am here to provide high-quality and loving care to San Antonio's pets, which includes dog walking, pet sitting, feedings, medication administration, bathing (not grooming), and house/overnight sitting. With a reputation as one of the worst cities in the nation for pet overpopulation and euthanasia, San Antonio animal welfare groups and pet-loving residents finally threw up their hands and said, “no mas” (no more). This diverse community demanded that the City of San Antonio figure out how to take ACS from a 90% euthanasia rate to a 90% live-exit rate (the number of pets released from a shelter alive through adoption, foster, rescue or return to owner) as quickly as possible.San Antonio is the test market for a new pet rehoming service. Operated by in collaboration with the Petco Foundation, it aims to pair people needing to rehome their pets with people looking to adopt pets. As residents of San Antonio, we know it’s difficult to find preventative medicine for your pets, but with VIP Petcare, this worry is a thing of the past. Visit us online at VIP Petcare.Pets Alive started up in San Antonio because the City was looking to raise its live-release rate in 2012, after nearly a decade in which city initiatives failed to get the rate to the city’s 70% goal.You are changing the world for the pet you take home and together with other adopters, making a huge impact in your local community. When you take your new pet home, you make room for us to help another dog or cat in need and you become part of the big picture to answer the growing problem of homeless pets in San Antonio and throughout United States.Please Note: San Antonio Pets Alive does not intake animals from the public. We rescue animals only from the City of San Antonio euthanasia list.