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Additionally, the tail of a dog is a big clue to what the dog is feeling. A wagging tail doesn’t always mean your dog is happy. Dogs wag their tail out of nervousness & uneasiness as well. If the tail is straight up in the air, the dog is most likely feeling confident. If the tail is hanging loosely the dog is probably feeling relaxed, calm, or content. When the tail is between the legs the dog could be frightened or feeling insecure about something. So next time you’re watching your pooch through the glass at Petsmart pet hotel dog daycare area you can read these different signals a understand the complete picture of how the dogs are acting and how they are feeling.
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I know that Mandy had no existing condition. I walk her everyday and certainly would have noticed any deterioration relative to her leg. I repeatedly inquired about how this could have happened but no one at the pet hotel could give me any explanation. A dog in a private suite with individual “playtime” somehow had this severe injury but no report was made? The behavior of Petsmart personnel has been shocking. I asked the store manager if he thought that since the injury occurred while she was in their care if he would take any responsibility and after rolling his eyes and shrugging told me that it’s just a dog and he would not take any responsibility. Best Petsmart pet hotel in Los Angeles, CA - Yelp
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I had another emergency trip out of town this weekend and chose a PetSmart Pet hotel near my destination. Thinking that it was the local pet hotel that I had issues and that I would try their Alexandria, VA location. Same thing occurred! At pick-up he performed a "full pee" in the Pet hotel lobby. I asked when was the last time he was taken to use the bathroom and they said he was happy to see us. It was "Deja vu" all over again!!! He urinated twice and pooped in the parking lot outside the store!!! Not to mention ridiculous hold times on the phone when calling to check on him and letting them know what time I would be picking-up. To boot, I am concerned that he may have picked-up some bacteria of sorts that is presenting like a UTI. The dogs eliminate in a "elimination room". Based on my overall experience with both Pet hotels, there is no telling what kind of condition the facility is in with germs abound, if they are not answering phones, not walking the dogs, mistreating the dogs, etc. I WILL NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES AGAIN!!!
Has anyone had experience working at Petsmart's PetsHotel? I don't want to work in the pet store - but I would love to help take care of the animals that are boarded in the pet . Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
Upon arriving at Petsmarts pet hotel, I found Mandy in terrible condition. She could not put any weight on her hind leg. She was dirty, covered in feces. I have never felt so guilty in my life. She saw me and I believe if dogs could talk, she would have asked why I would have left her there. My main function as a dog owner is to keep my dog safe. I failed in this case. I took her home and cleaned her up.Dogs bark, growl, and wag their tails a lot but those are only a small portion of how they communicate. There tends to be miscommunications between people and dogs because people are verbal, and dogs are more signal orientated. If you’re in the Torrance area and you’re looking for a camp, Petsmart pet hotel, or dog daycare for your dog make sure the people that are in charge of your special dog are knowledgeable of the dog’s language. If you are looking for a daycare, boarding or pet hotel in the Torrance or South Bay area, make sure the staff is trained in understanding canine communication as this goes a long way in preventing tiffs and making sure your dog is having a good time.