PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door, Large - For Life Out Here

NOTE: The PetSafe® Extreme Weather Pet Door can be installed in most doors and walls.
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The PetSafe Extreme Weather Door is new to the market for PetSafe. It uses a unique 3-flap design: 2 flexible flaps that sandwich a padded material (Yellow portion in door image). There is no brush (pile) weather stripping along the sides of any of the flaps. The vinyl flaps have a magnetic strip along the bottom; however, the interior, insulating pad does not have any magnets and simply floats free between the two vinyl flaps.

The 3-flap design, does increase the resistance a pet would feel going through the door. This rigidity may require a pet more time to become accustom to the door. The locking panel is a true "front-load" meaning that it snaps directly on the pet opening and does not slide into place as with many other models.

The flaps are connected by thumbscrews through a slotted section at the top of the flap. This design allows the flaps to be adjusted vertically for an optimum seal around the flap. Petsafe has not provided any information regarding the longevity of this flap configuration.
PetSafe Extreme Weather Door
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Hey, the idea's to let the pup in and out; not the weather! The PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door has not one, not two, but three flaps to keep the heat or cold weather outside while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. The paintable plastic frame also includes a snap-on panel for restricting access when you'd like to keep Buster inside. PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door, Medium - For ..
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Photo provided by FlickrThe PetSafe Small Extreme Weather Pet Door keeps out the cold and the heat
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Note that we do not choose to sell the Petsafe extreme weather dog door, Petsafe Freedom dog door, Gun Dog door, Hale pet door or others that you may find in retail stores such as Tractor Supply, Petsmart, Petco, Home Depot, Lowes or Drs. Foster Smith. If you are looking for an extremely well insulated dog or cat door that will stand up to the harshest cold and most sever heat and resist stormy weather, our pet door selections are guaranteed to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. The PetSafe Replacement Flap or Replacement Freedom Flap is compatible with the Freedom Aluminum Pet Door, (Freedom) Plastic Pet Door, Extreme Weather Door, and Freedom Patio Panel Pet Doors.See this great product here
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If you live in a location with an extreme climate, you?ll love this door. Our 3-flap pet door keeps extreme hot and cold weather out of your home while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This well-designed door has a maximum energy efficiency that?s 3 1/2 times higher than our standard single-flap pet doors. ~PetSafe is a great brand when it comes to affordable items for your pets. That includes offering you a great item when it comes to pet doors. This specialty dog door is an extreme weather door, making it great for people with pets that live in areas with extreme hot or cold temperatures. It helps conserve your homes energy. It has a 3-flap system to keep the outdoor temperatures out of your home and still giving your pet the freedom to get outside when they want to. It’s available in three sizes. If you don’t need the extreme weather version, PetSafe also makes the for a little less money. They also have a for use in walls. In hot or cold climates, the PetSafe Extreme Weather pet door saves energy while giving your pet its freedom. It is our most heavily insulated, energy efficient door using a 3-flap system. Detailed instructions, a cutting template, and all necessary installation hardware are provided for an easy installation. No matter where you live or what your plans are for your pet this winter, you know the PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door will give you comfort and confidence, so that no matter how extreme the weather, you and your pet will be prepared.