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In this video, we demonstrate how to properly prepare your PetSafe® YardMax receiver collar.
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10% Off and FREE Shipping at provider of wireless dog products including Wireless Dog Fence, GPS Dog Collars, and Dog Training Collars. This video teaches customers how to train a dog with the PetSafe™ Stay and Play Wireless Dog Fence. Wireless dog fence is a quick and easy way of containing a dog. Basically an instant wireless dog fence this wireless pet containment system is convenient and effective. This is a wireless dog fence system with a rechargeable battery and coverage up to 3/4 of an acre.
PetSafe is promoting its scoop-free self-cleaning litter box via a campaign which includes a humorous video.
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From - A step-by-step video guide to replacing the flap in a PetSafe classic pet door. Tips, tools and some important things to know as you install your new PetSafe pet door flap. Video Home » Receiver Collar - PetSafe Wireless Mapping Fence Extra Receiver Collar
Photo provided by FlickrThis is a video review of the PetSafe YardMax system
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Repair your In-Ground Fence™ Boundary Wire with the help of the PetSafe® Wire Break Locator. This video offers a step-by-step guide to operate the Wire Break Locator in order to detect and repair complete breaks in the Boundary Wire. This system is not designed to detect partial wire breaks.Worried about keeping your dog safe in your yard? A PetSafe wireless dog fence may be the best option for your pet and there is no digging involved. Before you begin, select a unit that is right for your pet and your yard. This PetSafe fence is made for dogs over 8lbs. and covers about half an acre of land. Proper training of your pet is essential for the success of the pet fence.

Pick a location for the transmitter. The location must have access to an indoor power outlet and the temperature needs to stay above freezing. Locate it on the first floor of your house in the middle of your dogs roaming area. Large metal objects can interfere with the signal, so keep it away from furnaces and refrigerators.

Plug the transmitter in, set the boundary switch to high and set the boundary control up to 8. Install the battery in the collar. Activate the static correction signal, if desired. Set up the perimeter. Hold the collar where you want the perimeter to be, and have a friend turn the dial on the transmitter until the collar beeps. Place flags where the collar beeps to visually mark the perimeter.

Fit the collar on your dog, ensuring the contact points touch your dog's skin. Tighten the collar until you can fit one finger in between the contact point and your pet's neck. Properly training your pet to stay within the boundaries of your new wireless dog fence is crucial to your pet's safety and success in using the fence. For more how to content, visit . For more pet products or to purchase your own pet fence, visit

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