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Happy St. Patrick's Day from Petsecure pet health insurance!

When Murphy the dog hurt his leg playing in the park, he found some St. Patrick's Day luck when he was reminded about his Petsecure insurance.

...and don't worry: no dogs (or dog mascots) were hurt in the making of this film. Murphy's a pretty good stunt-dog and our camera crew was there to keep him safe.

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Petsecure is one of the largest Canadian pet insurance providers. They are 100% Canadian owned and operated all in Canada.
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WINNIPEG, MANITOBA--(Marketwire -08/22/12)- Responsible pet parents know when veterinary bills add up, pet insurance can mean the choice between life and death for their pets. Petsecure encourages pet parents to learn more about pet insurance during its seventh annual Pet Health Insurance Month contest running September 2012. Concurrent with the acquisition, WFIC changed its legal name to Petline Insurance Co.. The brand name Petsecure remains the same.
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Petsecure, Canada’s largest pet health insurance company, is partnering with the Toronto Humane Society to offer a new pet health insurance product for consumers in the Greater Toronto Area.As the first and only licensed insurance company in Canada to focus solely on pet insurance, we are dedicated to responsible pet ownership. We help Canadian pets live longer and healthier lives by enabling their owners to provide the best in pet health care. Our core brand is Petsecure pet health insurance. We also underwrite PC pet insurance, Pet Insurance for Hudson's Bay customers, Desjardins Pet Insurance Program, The Personal Pet Insurance Program and CAA pet insurance.
Protecting more than one million pets since its inception in 2001, Petsecure is Canada’s oldest and largest pet health insurance provider. It is the core brand and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western Financial Group. Underwritten by Western Financial Insurance Company, Petsecure and logo are registered trademarks of Western Financial Insurance Company. Petsecure is a member in good standing of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA).Mygan is a #rescue dog from northern #Manitoba, who was hit by a truck. He's recovering in Winnipeg at D'Arcy's A.R.C. (Animal Rescue Centre), but as a result of the accident, he has an infected leg that will need to be amputated. Once he recovers from the surgery, he'll be looking for a new home. Petsecure is making a donation to help pay for the cost of Mygan's medical care. Stay tuned for more. #petinsuranceWalmart started selling pet insurance in select stores in Canada. The policies will be underwritten by Western Financial Insurance, the company behind Petsecure. Walmart Canada has a website where pet parents can get quotes.Unlike a lot of other dog insurance plans Petsecure offers dental coverage – which is pretty cool. They cover annual cleanings and problem with teeth and/or gums. They also offer supplemental coverage that can cover alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage, behavioral therapy and medical devices. This could come in handy if you have a dog that is on the more aggressive side and might need some behavioral therapy. The final item I like about this company is that they do not have any lifetime limits on coverage. The Secure For Life plan guarantees that there isn’t a lifetime limit to the amount of coverage they payout on your pet. That means if your dog develops an ongoing condition or even multiple conditions while insured, as long as your dog remains insured with them, your annual coverage would continue to renew year after year.