petsmart grooming-grooming school-what is that like

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I have been interested in learning the grooming trade for about 2 years now, I am slowling getting into a position where I will be able to take to pay cut required to get into the field. When this time comes I believe I will try Petsmart first....the reason being? I have attended training courses at our local Petsmart many times as well as shop there often, I feel that it has always been a positive experience. Also, grooming schools in our area cost about $6000 and I would have to travel at least 1 hour each way to attend, and you would be hard pressed to find a groomer to train you in a small privatly owned shop.....why would they train their future competition??
High school or equivalent. PetSmart is an equal opportunity employer. Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do....
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Yeah, I know plenty of "professional" groomers that work for "other grooming " and don't have certifications. Many groomers under experienced groomers and that's how they learn the trade and a certificate doesn't come with that. No groom shop I have ever been in required any certification, more like experience and showing what kind of work you can do. I know Petsmart groomers who have opened there own shops, groomed at other facilities, and had there own mobile grooming. If your talking about someone who walks off the street into an "other grooming facility" to become an " groomer" would have to be experienced or certified, to be certified they'd have to have some experience with grooming. Petsmart doesn't let any old person just walk in and start grooming dogs. A Petsmart academy certificate, I agree is far different from the training you would receive at say Nash or some other school but I don't believe Petsmart is claiming that to anyone who goes to their academy and anyone who goes through 4 weeks of training and a 100 dog shouldn't be stupid enough to believe they are all knowing in the skill of grooming animals. Petsmart trains to become a PET groomer and I would hope that after someone goes through academy and through an internship would have the skills and abilities that grow with time and experience. If you don't love grooming it doesn't matter where you learn, you won't excel in the and pursue more knowledge of the trade. I did not put words in your mouth , I referred to your implication that Petsmart groomers are not good enough to be "professional groomers," yet again you implied the same thing by saying no one YOU know that learned at Petsmart has had their own groom shop or the people YOU know were not "good enough to become a professional groomer." I also like how you ignored my statement on Petsmart outsourcing their training less than 8 years ago. High school or equivalent. PetSmart is an equal opportunity employer. High school diploma or GED is required....
Photo provided by FlickrRight now, PetSmart Charities has granted funding to nearly half of all vet schools in the United States.
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You've graduated from grooming school, at either our PetSmart Grooming Academy or another trade school. Now you get to put your new skills into practice. You'll hone your craft across all breeds of dogs. As you keep pets looking and feeling their best, you'll build your clientele and create a full book of business. Under the supervision of an experienced groomer, you'll get the experience needed to become a master groomer.High school diploma or its equivalency. The company’s products are sold in over 10,000 retail locations across North America, including Petco and PetSmart, and...We know how hard it is to strike out on your own. The constant hunt for leads, self-employment taxes, and health insurance worries are enough to drive you barking mad. Yet, we understand your need for independence coupled with stability. PetSmart provides reliable schedules for our professional Pet Stylists in addition to 401ks, medical and dental insurance, and paid time off.High school or equivalent. PetSmart is an equal opportunity employer. Plays an essential role in getting merchandise out on the floor and available for our Pet...“Our associates are trained to match the best pet to each environment based on the age of the children, curriculum and student involvement in the care of the pets,” says John Gerstenberger, specialty pets expert at PetSmart. “Caring for pets in the school environment is a natural opportunity for children to experience the bond created with pets.”what is the hourly start pay for a bather?
what days are typically worked?
what is your daily routine like?
do you get tips?how do they work-are they good?
what does it take to get petsmart to let a bather go to grooming school-does it come out of your check and does it require a afterwards?is the school in a different state and how long is the schooling?