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I do agree with Corp's theory that you don't need experience to be a trainer at Petsmart, they believe you can train anyone to train a dog. I saw that in print. I agree 100%, in fact personally my job is causing me MORAL conflicts. I want to do 'the customer right' and I am not. I am not allowed to use my experience in my classes ... I do slip it in ... but I am suppose to teach word for word what is in that damn book ... I don't know how they expect me to handle all the typo's and bad grammar! Most people enroll because they have leash issues and then we beat the loose leash walking to death ... 'it's the hardest thing to teach your dog' ... we start there. Yeah, I agree that it is the hardest thing and the most worthless thing. I always tell my puppy students I would rather teach directed jumping because everyone would leave with some degree of success. I am asked over and over why are we doing this ... because corp said so. I am asked over and over do you train your dog this way ... well yes and no ... I do use reward and positive methods ... but I correct.
My Cocker Spaniel graduated from the puppy and intermediate classes at our local PetSmart and he and I loved it. It was great!! 🙂
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Intermediate Class is great for dogs that have been through either a Puppy or Beginner class with PetSmart (the dog does not need to attend both Puppy and Beginner), or dogs that can perform the basic cues with some distractions. If your dog can perform the basic cues at home, but tends to get overly excited around other dogs, you may need to start with a Beginner class to teach your dog how to listen and respond to you, even in the presence of other dogs. If you are unsure how your dog might perform with other dogs present, you can always bring them to a PetSmart on a busy Saturday and see how well they listen! Intermediate class covers: heeling, wait at doors, come and stay with distractions and distance, go to bed, and more. I am considering taking a Petsmart or Petco training class to take with my puppy
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When I got my dog last year, I took him to Puppy Class at the Latham Petsmart. Carol was the instructor and she was GREAT! I would definitely recommend her and take more classes with her in the future!My pup and I took the puppy class at the Latham Petsmart with Carol and loved it so much we took the intermediate and advanced classes too! Carol is great, very knowledgable and willing to help with all aspects of puppy training ( potty training, chewing, socialization, etc) not just the basic training elements covered in class. Another pet store that offers obedience classes in their stores is PetSmart. They provide a wide array of teaching ranging from puppy training to advanced training with each class lasting 6 weeks. Thanks everyone - I'll ask about trainer's back ground - at Petsmart they had a print up with info about the trainer for the puppy class, and I think the max was 6 dogs.And thank you so much for responding! I am pretty shattered at this point, so talking to someone helps tremendously. I plan to sign her up for puppy classes at Petsmart and start the earliest classes I can!I can’t begin to count the number of people he has met in the last 3 weeks, but it has to be well over 200. In addition to his first Petsmart outing last night, he’s been to several parties and made a couple of trips to stand outside a grocery store during the after-work rush. The grocery store is a great place for socialization. The whole world comes to the grocery store. You get all ages, sizes, builds, races, and facial hair styles. In the cold weather, you get all kinds of clothing and – very importantly – hats. There are also automatic doors, noisy shopping carts, people on scooters, and a really wonderful clanging when someone takes out a propane tank out of the rack. Even in cold weather, 15 minutes outside a grocery store with an adorable puppy will prompt at least 4 or 5 people to stop and say hello while many more pass by. Just remember that – even with a young puppy – a public outing requires better manners than puppy classes. Stay on top of things to make sure that your pup doesn’t jump on or nip anyone who might be offended.