Make your pet rat's home comfortable, safe and fun.

Symptoms of disease to avoid when you buy pet rats:
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Rats are very clean animals and therefore their cages should be kept very clean. Your rat will not be happy living in a dirty cage. Cages should be cleaned every 3 days and waste matter should be removed daily. You should have a small pet carrier on hand to put your rat in while you clean out the cage. These carriers can also be used when taking your rat to the vet, or wherever else you decide to take them.
Your intuition will guide you well when it's time to buy pet rats!
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When you have rats as pets, you will notice that rats tend to be fairly clean animals. Much like other small animals, they like to designate a particular area of their cage as a potty area. Rats do not like to regularly use the potty all over their cage. However, they will leave urine trails across many of their items. This is a territorial instinct, rather than a need to use the bathroom. When they leave these urine trails, it signals to other rats that this is their home; and it can also indicate whether or not it's an "off limits" area, or the home of a potential mate. You can also potty train pet rats to use a litter box! Consider: Is it okay to buy pet rats from a place where you can't know their history?
Photo provided by FlickrRats as pets? You must kidding me?
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Rats are especially suited as companions because they’re social animals(unlike hamsters) and love to interact with people. They're very personable andbond to people. Most rats will beg to be petted or to come out and play, andmany will show affection by grooming their people with licks and gentlenibbles. Many rats like to sit on a shoulder just to be with their person. Rats are one of the smartest of over 1700 rodents and have been kept as pets for hundreds of years. They have long bodies, long tails with little or no hair, long pointed noses and are larger than mice. They have poor eyesight but have excellent hearing and a strong sense of smell. Another annoyance is their habit of urine marking. They will often leavetiny drops of urine where they walk to mark their territory. Males urine markmore than females, but fortunately neutering almost always eliminates thisbehavior in males. The spots of urine are easily wiped up from hard surfacesbut they can stain fabrics. A washable throw cover can protect furniture, butif rats are allowed to run on carpets, periodic carpet cleaning may benecessary. Rats As Pets
Rats make wonderful pets. They are inexpensive, love to be held and played with, quiet, and don’t require a lot of space. They are very social and do better if kept in pairs. Rats love children, are very clean, intelligent and loyal pets.Even though many consider rats dirty animals, they are actually very clean and groom themselves constantly. They are cautious of new things, very intelligent and learn from experience. With enough social interaction rats can share a bond with their owner and make great pets.10. You'll find your only complaint is that you wish they could live longer. The average rat has a lifespan of 2-4 years. I lost Bear to brain cancer when she was only eight months old. The hardest and worst part of having rats is saying goodbye, but the reason it's so hard to say goodbye is because they are so worth having. That sounds like a pretty darn amazing pet to me.