A rubber bristled broom is great for getting pet hair off your floor

AWESOME BROOM Natural Rubber Pet Hair Dust Dirt Removal Brush Squeegee Carpet
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You may even have this one at your home already! Similar to the dish gloves, this rubber broom will help remove pet hair from furniture and carpets.
Clean Sweep All in One Rubber Broom Heavy Duty Squeegees Pet Hair Removal NIB
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You may even have this one at your home already! Similar to the dish gloves, this rubber broom will help remove pet hair from furniture and carpets. * A Rubber Broom is great for getting pet hair out of carpeting and on tile, hardwood, and concrete.
Photo provided by FlickrUse a rubber broom to sweep up pet hair from your carpets and furniture. | 23 Ways To Keep Your Clothes And Home Free From Pet Hair
Photo provided by FlickrI also use the rubber broom for getting the pet hair off of upholstery and carpets
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The Rubba Scrubba has been a huge hit with all of you and we knew we could go one step further with this incredible tool!! Look out because now we have The Rubba Sweepa or as we call it a rubba scrubba on a stick!! This tool is just the best at sweeping up pet hair, crumbs, dirt, dust bunnies and more. You can even use it on carpets! You can get all along the base boards of your floor where vacuums just have a hard time getting. This is not like your typical broom where you are moving things all over the place. For sweeping, you pull it towards you, you do not push it away from you. You also do not need to pull on it very hard, just as you have found with the rubba scrubba - you don't have to use a lot of elbow grease to get it to work. It works by pulling the rubber brush across what you are using it on. You can use this on wood, ceramic tile, linoleum, concrete and yes carpets! If your vacuum just does not do a good enough job on the pet hair on your carpets - this will! Do your floors need a little extra scrubbing that your everyday maintenance mop can't get? Remember this is like having a Rubba Scrubba on a stick!!There are many other pet hair removal methods you can try and some work better than others. The most effect pet hair removal methods involve rubber tools. You can grab some rubber cleaning gloves and run your hand along the carpet. Blow up a latex balloon, rub it on the surface of the carpet and watch the hair stick to the surface of the balloon. Buy a rubber broom instead of a rake , the rubber broom is safe for longer pile carpets as well as short you can also use it on hard surface flooring to grab pet hair as well as use it for a squeegee. Rubber creates static electricity that attracts the pet hair away from the floor and to the rubber object.Rubber finger broom is the best way to describe. A picture is on fly lady which u can join if you like. It is in a kit or singular. This rubber finger tool is in some hardware stores as well. Awesome--fabulous. Rows of these rubber fingers in a hand tool or the broom. Even a toilet brush. Fly lady is a good site for getting a clean house by baby steps. Chores become habits. She never talks down dogs or cats. This tool has a dozen uses from cleaning windows, hair collection, dry floor sweep, scrub carpet, ceiling cobWhether you're cleaning up cat hair or dusting before company comes over, here's a multi-use broom to replace all others. Hundreds of soft rubber bristles grab hair, dust, lint, and more with an electrostatic charge that attracts dirt and doesn't let go.

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