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Save a Pet Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity and all donations are tax deductible.
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Bonita, a young, tan and white pit bull terrier with an infectious smile is anxiously waiting to be placed in a loving home since she has been living in a shelter her entire life. When people come to visit Save-A-Pet, Bonita gets excited about potentially getting adopted. However, the perfect family has yet to come along. Bonita is active and playful, which makes her the ideal family dog. She is up-to-date on medical shots, has been altered and is even house-trained. If you’re looking for a companion, consider adopting Bonita to provide her with a forever home that she has always deserved.
Save A Pet thanks you all and wishes everyone a wonderful holiday season!
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Despite the stigma that surrounds older dogs and cats, they are extremely loyal pets to adopt. Unlike newborn puppies or kittens, older dogs and cats create bonds with owners at a faster rate, are less rambunctious, and can still be taught new boundaries and commands. Adopting an older pet may save you an immense amount of energy due to the fact that most are already wonderfully trained. Valley Save-a-Pet Have a Heart Program VSAP Have a Heart Helpline is (440) …
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Photo provided by FlickrMark your calendars!!!!!! The annual Reunion party is Sat., Aug. 5 from 12-3pm at Save-A-Pet!!!!!
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Please visit our website at for more information.Last year Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet was able to place many kittens, cats, puppies and dogs in permanent adoptive homes through adoption showings at local retail stores and from our shelter. Potential adopters fill out an interest form and the information provided is used to make a decision as to the best match for both the animal and the adopter. (Although Save-A-Pet’s policy is to take back any animal that doesn’t work out in its new home, this system results in very few returned pets.) All pets are spayed or neutered before adoption.Save-A-Pet's Board Members
Stacey Brown - President
Annette Belin - Vice President
Jane Voelpel - Treasurer
Sue McKee - Asst. Treasurer
Edna Wolff - Corresponding Secretary
Emily Bragg - Secretary

Susan Williams - Dog officer
Marla Benninger- Cat Officer
Ann Raskopf
Jane Wiech
Gwen Achilli
Kate Southeran
Alix Gilman How Save-A-Pet is Funded
We rely on the donations of animal lovers for funds to cover our expenses. All monetary donations are tax-deductible. All of our volunteers are unpaid and we maintain no buildings or vehicles that add to our expenses.Save A Pet keeps animals in a natural home setting instead of a stressful shelter. All possible care is given to the animal and foster family. We immediately take new fosters to the vet. All vaccinations are given, worming, and neutering. All supplies are provided, food, supplies, etc. You provide the home and the love.Save a Pet Foundation endeavors to maximize the percentage of its operating budget, to directly benefit rescued animals, including the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. We operate fundraisers and collect donations from individuals and corporations to support our mission. This organization shall not conduct or operate for profit, and no part of any profits from donations to our group shall enure to the benefit of any members or individuals. When Smokey was enrolled in the Save-a-Pet foster program, he was found to be friendly, gentle, and extremely affectionate. He loves to curl up on a welcoming lap and purr himself to sleep. He likes to be wherever his human is, and doesn’t mind upholding his end of a conversation. He would make a wonderful companion. He enjoys his food very much, and likes to play with balls, strings, pipe cleaner toys, or anything with catnip.