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As long as you have the proper aquarium set up, and take take proper care of them
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Best of all, handfeeding is pure, sure-fire, 100% unadulterated fish-keeping fun! Feeding time for my seahorses is always a high point in my day. Having your pet ponies literally eating out your hand is a very rewarding experience. These daily feedings tends to forge a close, personal relationship between the aquarist and his charges, and hand-fed seahorses often become special pets.
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While there are over thirty types of seahorses that fall under the genus Hippocampus, the Smooth Seahorse (Hippocampus kuda) and the Lined Seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) are two of the most common ones sold as pets, followed closely by the Dwarf Seahorse (Hippocampus zostera). Larger seahorses live for about five years (some reports say up to ten!) while Dwarf Seahorses live for about two. Nov 13, 2015 - Here are the best tips from Seahorse Pools & Spas contractors who serve pool owners in Fort Worth, Texas for swimming safely with your pets:.
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If you're considering keeping seahorses as pets, then you are considering owning one of the most beautiful sea creatures that exist. However, due to the delicate nature of seahorses, it is important to know what you're getting into before you go through with the purchase. Owning a pet seahorse is extremely rewarding, but it is also a large responsibility. If you made it this far, then you know that owning a seahorse has tons of benefits. Let's go over a couple of things that you may not know about your potential seahorse pet.Outline Aquarium Coloring Pages Template 1 Here a setup of an aquarium tank , empty, left blank to add your own fishes, aquarium accessories and then to color for kids you might like to keep seahorses or tropical fishes as pets and some kids activities to go with the project.Unlike many conventional pets, such as cats and dogs, seahorses require daily constant care that you have to be trained on. You'll need to know exactly what to feed your seahorse, when to feed it, and warning signs to look for when they are sick. This means that if you want take a vacation, or if you're unable to care for your seahorse for any period of time, you need to be sure that there is someone who is adequately trained to be able to do so. You probably won't be able to hire the neighbor kid to sprinkle couple of flakes of fish food every now and again. (Seahorses don't eat fish food, they eat shrimp anyways.) Some sites on the Internet will even tell you that you shouldn't take any vacations at all. This isn't necessarily true, as people can be trained how to adequately take care of your seahorses while you're gone. The important thing to remember is that you understand the responsibility ahead of time, so that you can properly train the person taking care of them.For these and other reasons, it used to be very difficult to keep seahorses as pets. When captured from the wild, they often lived just a few months before succumbing to infection or starvation. But thanks to captive breeding programs, it has become far easier to keep seahorses in aquariums. Captive-bred horses are weaned on frozen prepared food, are hardier, and almost always free of disease.Temperament:
Seahorses are timid docile fish that should be kept with fish of a similar temperament. Most seahorses can safely share an aquarium with other seahorses, dragonets, gobies and trunkfish. Seahorses can also share a tank with most types of shrimp; however, the seahorses may eat the shrimp. Seahorses are communal fish that prefer to be kept in groups and will usually peacefully cohabitate with different types of seahorses; however, to avoid bullying problems, the seahorses should be all around the same size. Seahorses can be difficult to sustain and are best for experienced saltwater fish owners. They are not appropriate pets for children.Temperament:
Tiger tail seahorses are timid and docile fish that are best kept with peaceful fish that will not bother them. They can usually be safely kept with other seahorses, dragonets, gobies and trunkfish. They can also share a tank with shrimp and coral; however, they may eat both. Tiger tail seahorses are communal fish and prefer to live in small groups. They can live with other seahorses that are their own species or a different species; however, all the seahorses in the tank should be a similar size to help prevent bullying. Tiger tail seahorses, like all saltwater fish, are best for experienced fish owners, and are not appropriate pets for young children.