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Carry your pet just about anywhere with the Marshall Pet Products Pack-N-Go Small Pet Carrier. Designed for chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits and other small animals, this sturdy vented carrier features a handy zippered pouch to transport food and treats.
Item No.: 80006 - Oasis® Small Animal Pet Carrier - available in bundles of 25 pieces.
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Carry your small furry friend with style in this fashionable pet carrier. Designed for comfort with vents to provide air flow for your ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, or other small animal. Dog Carrier Front Carrier Back Pack Small Animal Pet Carrier Small Dogs
Photo provided by FlickrYou & Me Small Animal Pet Carrier, Large
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6.69 x 10.31 x 7.28This small animal carrier makes transporting your pet easy. It features a collapsible carry handle and includes a water bottle and holder to keep your pet hydrated. This item is ideal for gerbils and hamsters, mice and snakes.The All Living Things Small Animal Carrier, being made of chewable materials is NOT one of the carriers you would want to use as a temporary cage. It is meant only for the purpose of transporting your animal from one location to another, preferably while someone is observing them in the process. The carrier is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, with a little bit of stiff paper board sandwiched between the fabric layers to help it maintain shape and be a little durable, and the windows are covered with a soft mesh. While the flexibility of the materials makes it awesome for storage, there is little chance that such a carrier will stand up to the teeth of your little chewers. This doesn’t mean you should avoid the carrier, however. With proper supervision, this carrier can be an excellent choice.The most important thing to start with is a simple question: What am I going to use this carrier for? Some people use their carrier only for visits to the vet and back, others use their carrier as a temporary cage to house their animals in while they clean the larger living space. If you are going to use your carrier as a travel cage rather than an actual carrier, I would suggest skipping the purchase of a carrier and moving straight to the small cage aisle. in many situations, such as taking them with you on vacation or moving across country. You will want to use something that gives you room for water, food and bedding, but most importantly you will want to use something that is of solid construction from which your small animal cannot escape.Here is a new version of the ever-popular corrugated pet carrier. TheGenuine Oasis® SMALL ANIMAL PET CARRIER features all new multi-species line art and is perfect for use for the usual puppies, kittens, small dogs, and cats. Other suitable uses are for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, reptiles including tortoises, chinchillas, poultry and exotic pet owners.
Finally, is the carrier going to protect the animals inside? I can say from experience that if your dog accidentally knocks the carrier out of the car and onto the ground, your small animals will be startled and shocked, but come out unharmed. That doesn’t mean I’d be dropping it off a two story building though, because being soft, it really isn’t meant to withstand much more than the occasional bump or drop.Airline pet carriers can be used when traveling by plane for 6 hours the most. Most of the allow travelers to bring their pet on board if they are comfortably accommodated into an airline-approved pet carrier. Only small dogs and cats can go in the cabin and some airlines might not even allow them in, so they have to be in the cargo hold. For flights that last more than 6 hours pets will safely travel by , in especially designed crates. Mostly, when flying there are some specifications and requirements that airlines require in order to make sure that the pet as well as the other passengers travel safely and comfortable. The general rule is that the carrier must fit underneath the seat in the front of the owner and it must have a bottom. Also, the carrier must be as big as the pet has enough space to turn around, stand up and lie down. Furthermore, the kennel has to be ventilated nowadays. Most of these requirements are however met in the case of longer lasting flights. Crates that are used in cargo travel must have a metal door that is strong enough to prevent the pet bending it in any way. Also, there are the pet which can be used in cargo travel and which must have attached the name of the owner, address and also a "Live Animal This Side Up" notice.