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 Armarkat 22-inch Faux Suede and Fur Sage Green Small Pet Bed
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So…I put my creative hat on and came up with plans to make a DIY small pet bed that would be comfortable for my good friend, and look nice in my living room at the same time.
Armarkat 22-inch Faux Suede and Fur Mocha Small Pet Bed
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Shop Petco for the dog beds and bedding on sale to help your pup chase sheep in their sleep. Dog beds and bedding can offer your pup a comfortable place to rest their heads from sunset to sunrise and every nap in-between. However, if they do not fit their needs, your dog will start seeking comfier pastures and hop up on furniture that may be off-limits. Fortunately, Petco offers a wide range of some of the best dog beds on sale to give your pup a bed to call their own.If you're wondering what style is correct for them, you'll soon find the best dog beds suit the size and shape for your pup. If your canine requires an abundant amount of space to lounge, there are large and extra-large dog beds that provide enough room for them to spread out and sleep. For small dog bed are usually designed for pups that prefer to curl up and sleep on bolster styles. For added warmth on cold nights, cover them up with additional dog bedding like a blanket to help them retain their body heat. And for especially chilly nights, there are heated dog beds and pads available. I bought this for a small dog. He would curl up in a blanket instead of his old pet bed. He loves his new pet bed and no extra blanks needed.
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Photo provided by FlickrHoundstooth Oval Pet Bed - Small - Boots & Barkley™ already viewed.
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The contemporary stripe pattern on the outside and soft beige in the inside makes this a dog bed unlike any other. Cuddle your pet in the designer styled Burger Bed. It is an enchanting small dog bedI upcycled and made the feet for my DIY small pet bed, AKA Sam’s new digs from a bed spindle I had left over from this headboard that I cut up to make my gorgeous a while back. See that standing tall one with all the layers? I made 4 feet from cutting it at two segment intervals.Being a DIY blogger, and a self proclaimed power tool creative, the house and family get all kinds of awesome DIY projects on a regular basis. This time around, it’s someone else’s turn. Today’s Power Tool Challenge project, my DIY small pet bed plans, are for my furry friend.I bought one of these beds,and am not ashamed to say that i tested it myself- sat on it for half an hour (even though I'm a bit heavier than the weight guide!)- that whole time my butt never sank to the ground, i was comfortably cosy and wasn't sore.
With the additional cover, it is also pretty and matches the decor.

My only issue is.. that it is too small!
All my pets were fighting over it (3 dogs and 3 cats), so i had to go back and purchase a few more in a larger size!
You can find the plans with step by step instructions for my DIY small pet bed on , on the front page under the How To section. How awesome is that friends? The Keter KNIT Cozy Pet Bed is your pet’s cozy corner to curl up any time of day, whether he or she is waiting for you to come home or they just need a little cozy time to themselves. This comfy pet bed recognizes the need that most small pets have for a space that’s all their own, where they can feel safe and enveloped in comfort, while still being close to you. Its compact size makes it a perfect cat bed, small dog bed or any small pet bed. The Keter KNIT Cozy Pet Bed is a truly unique piece of pet furniture that’s as decorative as it is functional. It combines 3D design with a classic knit pattern and sturdy resin material for durability. It comes complete with a plush, comfortable cushion that keeps your small pet comfortable in the lap of luxury. With its outer resin material and its inner plush removable cushion, the Cozy Pet Bed is low maintenance and easy to keep looking great. To clean just remove the plush cushion, wash by hand and wipe down the flexible resin exterior. At Keter we know your pet is not just a pet, they are your family. Your fur baby deserves the same level of comfort and functionality as any other member of the household. The included cushion is perfectly fitted, plush and luxurious ensuring your treasured pet is always comfy. Together with a unique knit look, this is the ultimate bed for your pet and a stylish extra touch for your home. It is available in a variety of stylish colors that blend nicely with any home decor.