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DOG HANDBAG by MICRO POOCH - Stylish, City Pet Carrier / Small Travel Bag / Purse.
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Some carriers may also be used as a personal bag (for on-the-go pet owners who like to travel in style). These type of pet carriers have dual functionality. Made to transport your small pet and also work as a purse, designer carriers have convenient side or interior pockets to store a wallet or other small items. On some airlines, they can also be used as airline carry-on. Always check your airline's specific requirements.
Anself Soft Sided Dog Carrier Pet Travel Tote Portable Bag Home for Cats Small Dogs 18"*10"*11"
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S-trains and regional trains, operated by (pet policy ): Small pets in carriers (maximum size 100 x 60 x 30 cm) travel for free, but must not occupy a seat; larger dogs must have a ticket (the cost of a child’s fare) and are presumably required to be on a leash; again, there are areas in the trains that are reserved for allergy sufferers, so inquire about that before boarding. (This pet policy language, by the way, suggests that the pet-free cars on metro trains are the first and last cars. It also reinforces my belief that the pet-free zones on these trains and on the metro, and perhaps also on buses, do not apply to pets contained in carriers, but again, I’d double-check that before boarding.) New Large Small Pink Oxgord Pet Carrier Soft Sided Cat / Dog Puppies Comfort Travel Tote Shoulder Portable Bag Airline Approved (Large)
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SNOW Foldable Breathable Pet Package Outdoor Carrier for Pets Dog Cat Comfort Travel Tote SoftSide Bag Teddy backpack Small Gray ** Details can be found by clicking on the image.(This is an Amazon affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales) Carrier measurements will vary depending on the aircraft serving the route. There is one pet permitted per passenger unless you are carrying a mother cat or dog with her unweaned litter. Two2 pets of the same species and size between the age of 10 weeks and 6 months may be allowed to travel in 1 kennel, providing they are small enough to fit into one kennel and are compatible. They will be charged as 1 pet. You will need to measure your pet from tip of nose to base of tail (A) and from the top of the head to the ground (B) when your pet is standing erect. (tip: use a piece of string, then measure the string) Compare these measurements to the interior measurements of your carrier. Your pet's measurements should be slightly smaller than the carrier measurements. If you need an extra bit of height, the will give you that.Ideal for transporting puppies and dogs back and forth to the vet, traveling by car, or jetting cross-country by plane, the Petmate comes in multiple sizes to easily handle small or medium sized dogs. Features such as the easy latch gate and extra-wide ventilation holes ensure the pet remains comfortable. The quick assembly instructions allow for easy construction in a matter of minutes. The small size Pet Taxi accommodates up to 10 lbs, the medium handles 10 lbs to 20 lbs, and the large size of this approved dog carrier handles up to 25 lbs with ease.Rugged and durable, the Petmate Kennel Cab dog carrier meets or exceeds most domestic and international carrier rules for easy transportation and a comfortable place for the dog or puppy to relax. The quick latching gate ensures easy and secure loading. Extra features such as shoulder strap eyelets, a slot, and a top storage compartment for treats or the pet's boarding documents come in handy. Available in both small and medium sizes, this carrier accommodates most small breeds up to 20 lbs.Here’s another carrier that’s great for small pets. Made from sturdy plastic and steel wire doors, this carrier has ventilation on the top and all four sides. The roof makes for easy visibility so you can check on your chinchilla while you travel.